Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ronin's room: inspiration board

I whipped this up yesterday just to have an idea of how everything will come together. and I gotta say... I lurve it. check out the sources below.

[1] color scheme: grey, navy, aqua, yellow. paint color = Sparrow by Behr. it's the same color we have in our entry way (which is shown in my latest bump photo).

[2] mobile from Etsy. I love the modern fabric and the simplicity of the design. I don't want anything too distracting up there. if you'd like the link to the seller, leave me your email in the comments. I haven't purchased it yet, so I don't want to share the link. ;)

[3] pendant from Ikea. because there isn't enough room for a ceiling fan (location is too close to the wall), I want a simple pendant lamp that will bring some natural textures to the room.

[4] octopus hook from Urban Outfitters. I love this guy. he's quirky and boy-ish. I'll hang him on the back of the door.

[5] gumball lamp from Land of Nod. I may not end up buying this exact lamp, but it's the style and color I'm looking for. this will either go on top of the bookshelf or on an end table next to the glider.

[6] Baby Mod Modena crib. I did a whole post on this yesterday.

[7] hippo bookends from Serena & Lily. obviously, used to keep books together. I like that these are a natural color so that they can be used in his big boy room as well. also? they're hippos. FTW.

[8] Billy bookcase from Ikea. I'm torn between the Billy and the Expedit... I may end up with both depending on what will fit. either way, this kid needs a bookcase and it shall be one of the two. I feel like the Billy has more storage space, so that's why I chose it for the board.

[9] Hemnes 8 drawer dresser from Ikea. pretty self explanatory. white, cheap, and easy (that's what she said). however, we'll be using these knobs instead to spice it up.

[10] letter hooks from Anthropologie. I'll be buying his initials (RRQ) and posting them either on the back of the closet door, or on the wall somewhere... maybe above the bookcase.

[11, 12, 13] artwork from Etsy and Land of Nod. they fit the color scheme and they're personal to us as well. we did a "perfect pair" theme for our wedding, Mama loves hippos, and well... bikes are a little boy's favorite toy! if you'd like the links to the sellers (for the pear & hippo prints), leave me your email in the comments. I haven't purchased them yet, so I don't want to share the link. ;)

[14] Trinity glider. mmmm, I love this chair. keep in mind that it'll be navy blue with white trim, and not the off white color shown. if I had photoshop, I'd change it... but I don't, so just use your imagination.

not pictured: the nightstand (to go next to the glider), the rug (still contemplating), the bedding (in this post), and obviously, the cute clothes and toys he'll be spoiled with.

so there you have it: Ronin's room, in a condensed board.
I'm so excited to get started and put some love into this space.
I'm so excited to have him grow up with all this stuff that I've picked out just for him.
I hope he loves it as much as I do.


  1. Your awesoe at this kinda stuff! His room is going to be adorable! I love all the things you found and have put together!

  2. You're so talented Mandee. His room will be absolutely gorgeous!

  3. i LOVE the hippo book ends. If I were creating a nursery in a house I owned, they would be first on the list! Instead, I'll just add them to my amazon wishlist! Ha.

    1. gahhh, me too! they have dinosaur and giraffe bookends too!

  4. Looks great! I love all of the details, and that is an awesome crib!!

  5. I've had the billy shelf before and it's definitely on the lower quality end of IKEA products. THe Expedit is solidly built and the better choice if the space permits!

    I love the room and can't wait to see how it pulls together! I also LOVE that mobile!!

    1. very good to know! I have a feeling I'll end up with the Expedit!


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