Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ronin's room: the bedding

dude. there are SO MANY options when it comes to baby bedding. lucky for me, I knew from the get-go that I was not going to invest in a bedding set. it just isn't worth the money to me, because 1: the AAP recommends not using bumpers in cribs, 2: babies aren't supposed to have quilts/blankets in their cribs, and 3: I like an eclectic style and don't really want anything matchy matchy.

however, the one bedding set that really caught my eye was the Not a Peep crib bedding collection from Land of Nod. the prices weren't too steep, and I loooooved the modern patterns, as well as the grey and mustard yellow color. most of all, I liked that I could pick and choose my pieces... I didn't want the actual bird print anywhere, but I love the stripes and dots.

unfortunately, every item in the collection is backordered until at least July. sad trombone. and I am not a patient person by any means. even though Ronin will be in our room for the first few months, I didn't like knowing that his crib might not be complete when he comes home. sad trombone indeed.

so, as always, I turned to Etsy to look for affordable bedding that I could mix & match. I stumbled upon a few different sellers, but ultimately loved the choices (and pricing) at Cottage Belles. I also love that they sell changing pad covers, as that's something I want to coordinate with the bedding.

after browsing through the fabric selections for what seemed like DAYS, I finally came up with a combination that I loved that fit with the color scheme in my head (grey, navy, aqua, yellow). BEHOLD:

I plan on getting the option to add the patterned band at the bottom of the crib skirt. I'll also buy three sets of sheets (I especially love that the sheets have the elastic edges that go ALL the way around the sheet, and not just at the corners). I can also purchase neutral sheets down the road that won't clash with the crib skirt. I love the patterns and how they coordinate with each other without being matchy matchy.

oh, and in case you're wondering, we chose the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight mattress. highly rated by Baby Bargains, it's organic, firm, and only weighs 15lbs (most mattresses weigh a whopping 30lbs). it's expensive, but baby's sleep and safety is worth the cost.

I have yet to purchase these bedding selections, so I don't have real life experience with the quality. I will be sure to update once we order everything so I can review the conditions of the pieces.

disclaimer: I was not compensated by any means to write this post. Cottage Belles is just the shop I chose to order the bedding from. they have not paid me or discounted any purchases in exchange for this review.


  1. Fun fact about me... I work in consulting (more so a year ago) and last winter I was part of a project with the health agency in Canada and we had all the experts in safe baby sleep come to a big meeting to discuss the new research in safe baby sleep and spent two days discussing the latest research on it and what the recommendations should be about all this stuff. There were doctors there from Canada and the States, and they were the top researchers in SIDS and safe infant sleep....
    Anyway - so much to say, I'm really happy to see that you've chose to listen to the advice over the ascetically pleasing look of a bumper set, comforter, etc. All too often I look at new momma's rooms and see all the pretty bedding sets and I feel like I need to mind my own business... but props to you for doing your research on the safest sleeping arrangement :)

  2. dude. it blows my mind completely that women KNOW of these risks and they still buy the bumpers and install them in the cribs. I don't understand why they even sell them - they should be taken off the market completely.


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