since I last wrote this 'about me' section, lots o' things are changing, so let's do a little renovating, shall we?

let's see. I'm Mandee, I'm married, and live in Maryland. MMMM. I claim DC and Annapolis, but not Baltimore. my die hard Ravens fan husband will probably divorce me when he reads this.

I am a crazy cat lady turned obsessive new mama to a cute dude named Ronin. he is, without a doubt, the light of my life. I'm a SAHM, so expect lots of stories about breastmilk, cloth diapers, and how to stop your kid from eating things (I know he's going to be one of those weirdos). we're a judgement free family, and all walks of life are welcome to hang out here.

except creeps. yous guys stay away.

in my free time (HA!), I love to indulge in a good novel, interior design, shopping at Target, and petting cute animals. things I am not: stylish, punctual, and patient.

this blog is mostly just a mish mash of things that run through my head... from tattoos to cooking, from babies to booze, and from cats to furniture. I cover it all, folks. just don't ask me to dress myself. that shit ain't happening.