Tuesday, April 24, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 22

how far along? 
22 weeks. 

how big is the baby? 
Ronin is approximately 11 long and weighs just about a FULL POUND (!!!!) - aka, the size of a papaya. he is starting to look like a mini newborn with his lips, eyelids, and eyebrows becoming more distinct. he is also sleeping about 12-14 hours a day now that he's settling into a sleep cycle. 

total weight gain: 
gained 4lbs from my last appt, so I am officially -1lb away from pre-pregnancy weight. 

I spent $80 on a Snoogle this weekend. worth every penny. I slept like a rock last night. 

best moment of the week: 
making the trip to Great Beginnings (don't bother with their website, it's terrible) over the weekend. it was rated as one of the top baby stores in the nation by the folks who write Baby Bargains, and I can see why. it was filled to the brim with every baby item you could imagine. I finally got to try out some gliders, and my aunt graciously purchased my pick. 
she's a beaut!

her name is Trinity
we also picked up some ridiculously cute baby clothes (our first real baby purchase) that I can't wait to dress him in.

food cravings: 
still pickles. let's also add fruit popsicles, orange juice, string cheese, and ho-hos. 

food aversions: 

just the same old pelvic pain. other than that, I feel amazing. I have tons of energy. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy this pregnancy.

gender sex: 
BOY! :D 

most looking forward to: 
finally cleaning out the nursery this weekend and taking some measurements so that we can settle on furniture. 

what I miss right now: 
not a damn thing.

next appointment: 
May 16th.

on a completely unrelated note, I FINALLY got the camera fixed on my phone (woohoo!), and now that Droid has Instagram, I'm all over it. follow me if you wish! 
mandeefofandee is my user name :)


  1. Your bump is so cute, and I am so glad you are feeling great! Love that glider and can't wait to see it in your nursery! Heading to find you on Instagram right now!

  2. Lovely photo, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Great chair it will be perfect for you and you to snuggle with your new baby. Be Well, Katherine


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