Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 26/30

Day 26/30 - your week, in great detail

oh geez, this is going to be long. and boring. I apologize in advance.
Wednesday, September 29th:
hmm, boring day. got up and went to work. my phone died at work, so that meant I couldn't let my trainer know that I wasn't ready to workout just yet, so I stopped by the gym on my way home to tell her. went home and relaxed. Sean cooked lemon pepper chicken and roasted potatoes for dinner. 

Thursday, September 30th: 
same shit, different day. worked all day and then went home. 

at around 9PM, we heard a thump in the entryway. I got up to see what it was, thinking that Lily's fat ass knocked something over, but I get into the room and see ceiling tiles. on the floor. AWESOME. 

apparently, it's been leaking water ALL day long and it finally soaked up the ceiling. and the people who built our house decided it would be a good idea to put ceiling tiles up, and then PLASTER over them. idiots. rip the jagged tiles from the ceiling and put a bucket under the hole to catch the leaking water. take a picture for Facebook, sweep up the mess, and decide to go to bed.

Friday, October 1st: 
worked all day. talked to my tattoo artist on Gmail, who told me his kids were sick and that he'd have to reschedule our appointment. totally bummed out. reschedule my appointment for the 16th, since I'll be out of town the 9th. 

called insurance company to file a claim for our ceiling. 

go home, and then meet up with Kaycie & Adam at The Steakhouse for dinner and drinks. delicious food, excellent conversation. 

Saturday, October 2nd: 
wake up to the sound of music blaring from the living room and Sean starting to clean. head into the kitchen to start my part of the cleaning. wash the dishes, clean the counters, scrub the sink and the stove, vacuum the floors, mop the floors. 

gather all my makeup and head down to Calvert. do Savannah's hair & makeup for her homecoming. gush all over how beautiful she is. 

talk to my dad about the possibility of babysitting Wyatt for the evening. he got another babysitter. score. stop at the grocery store and pick up minced garlic, Parmesan cheese, and an onion for Sean's dinner plans. stop at the liquor store and pick up a 12 pack of Bud Light bottles and a giant bottle of Relax Riesling.

head home and rush to get the entryway picked up before Kaycie & Adam come over. take a few boxes of junk out to the garage while Sean vacuums the chair.

Kaycie & Adam arrive, and Sean starts dinner. you can see a recap of the evening here

Sunday, October 3rd: 
so hungover. think about making myself puke to get rid of the nausea. decide I really don't feel like throwing up again. ha! 

lay on the couch ALL DAY LONG watching football. Sean makes frozen pizza for lunch, and I snack the rest of the day. 

get in bed at 9PM to watch Dexter. love. 

Monday, October 4th:
ick, back to the workplace for another week. work all day and then head back into the gym for my first training session in two weeks! super excited. hop on the scale and realize I lost 4lbs since the last time I weighed myself. sweeeeeet! awesome workout, and treat myself to Subway for dinner. stop at the laundry mat to pick up our comforter on the way home. get home and eat my sub, then put away all the laundry Sean washed. head to bed early. 

Tuesday, October 5th: 

head over here to see the entire 30 Day Challenge! 
Happy Wednesday!

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