Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 25/30

Day 25/30 - your day, in great detail

woo, this should be interesting... NOT. just a typical Tuesday here in my world - working all day long! but don't worry, this will be in GREAT detail. I'm going to chronicle every single thing I do today! in fact, this will probably be the longest post I've ever done. eeks!


6:30AM - vaguely remember Sean leaving for work, and reminding him to get the grocery list from the living room. I love when he leaves, because then I sprawl out all over the bed and steal his pillow.

7:30AM - my alarm goes off for the first time, and I think to myself "fuck this noise," and reset it for 8.

8:00AM - the alarm goes off again and I seriously contemplate throwing it out the window. I lay in bed thinking how I could possibly get out of work for the day, and quickly come to realize that I can't. I have to take off work Friday to go out of town, so I have to get my lazy ass up.

8:05AM - brush my teeth and wash my hair. try to figure out what to do with this mess of a head. decide I'll just braid a small portion on the side and pull it up halfway. also decide that I don't feel like putting my contacts in today. I can't wait until I'm rich enough for Lasik.

8:20AM - do my makeup and decide that today is a lipstick day. oh, that reminds me, my plaid button-up shirt is clean. I think I'll wear it today with my new red flats, which will look cute with glasses and lipstick.

8:30AM - get dressed. plaid button up shirt, flared jeans, red flats, and diamond stud earrings.

8:37AM - notice the time on the news, which I've been listening to for the weather report. crap, I'm running late, AGAIN.

8:42AM - grab a banana for breakfast and a Diet Cherry Pepsi and Snack Pack for lunch. pet the kitties before I leave. rush out the door. shit, I need my keys.

8:59AM - take a picture of myself in the car with my cell phone (I'm a safe driver, I swear), because I feel like I look cute today. I love lipstick because it makes my teeth look super white.

9:13AM - finally get to work. perfect timing too, because my dad (aka boss man) is on his way out the door for a meeting in VA. sweet!

9:20AM - start my computer and log in to the websites I browse all day long (Gmail, Facebook, The Nest, Google Reader).

9:25AM - get an email from Etsy saying that Kaley's birthday present has shipped! yay! :)

9:30AM - eat my banana and a strawberry Activia yogurt. 

9:33AM - Gchat with Kaley about her birthday plans and other stuffs, including the possibility of having dinner together this week before I go out of town. I miss her face!

9:45AM - receive a call on my cell phone from my home insurance adjuster. a portion of our ceiling collapsed during a big rain storm last week, and I need him to come out to give me an estimate of what damages they will cover to be repaired. he realizes that he's been assigned to my claim because of my mailing address, not my residence address, which means he'll have to get someone else to call me back. also, my deductible is $1,000. awesome.

10:00AM - catch up on reading blogs in my Google Reader. when the cat's away, the mouse will play.

10:20AM - go outside to smoke a cigarette, and take my new book with me. I'm loving it so far! I'm happy Kathy recommended it to me, because I'm finding it really difficult to put it down.

10:30AM - get to work. start on the site work estimate for the project I started yesterday. it's three additions to a nursing center in Solomon's Island. need to make sure I get it out by at least 2PM today, since the bid goes into the owner at 4PM.

10:42AM - answer the phone about a billion times. we put an ad in the paper for an administrative assistant, and for some reason, they included our phone number in the ad. talk to Tara about changing the online ad to only list our email for resumes. 

11:00AM - call Sean to tell him about the insurance adjuster debacle.

11:14AM - start to get really pissed about all the fucking fruit flies in my office. WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM!!?!?

11:20AM - continue to work on the project on Solomon's. 

12:00PM - starting to get a little hungry, so I get together with the other girls in the office to decide what we're going to eat for lunch. we pick Jerry's Subs & Pizza. I order an 8" turkey sub.

12:10PM - finish all the concrete calculations and price up the project.

12:30PM - eat lunch! it's delicious! sneak a few french fries from a coworker. I'm treating myself because somehow I lost 4lbs in 2 weeks, even though I didn't go to the gym at all. I guess hacking up my lungs burns a lot of calories!

12:54PM - get a Gchat from Sean saying he bought these water bottles for us. he's cute.

1:00PM - start to get the rumblings in my belly. I think it's time for a trip to the bathroom. taking Pillars with me. :)

1:12PM - back from the bathroom and realizing that I never put Pandora on this morning. The Band Perry radio it is for today!

1:30PM - get the okay from the boss on my pricing for the Solomons project. type it up in our proposal format in Microsoft Word. jammin' out to Miranda Lambert on Pandora.

1:41PM - get a phone call from a project manager of a company we do a lot of work for. he has a job he needs a price for. it's not a lot of concrete work (just a renovation), and it's not in our local area, AND the work needs to be done at night. and he needs the quote Friday morning. thanks a lot douchebag, you just made my week a lot harder.

2:04PM - faxed out the bid proposal for the Solomons project. woo!

2:13PM - got a phone call from our new insurance adjuster. he'll be out to look at the damaged ceiling on Saturday at 2PM. since I'll be out of town, Sean will have to deal with it. HA!

2:35PM - awwww shit, I love this song! Break Down Here by Julie Roberts. excellent song. listen to it.

3:13PM - start downloading plans for a new project we will be bidding in the next few weeks. unfortunately, this is part of my daily duties, and it's one of the few things I hate about my job... it's just so tedious. it's just one of those things I have to do in order to keep the work flow coming in. whomp whomp.

3:20PM - just realized that Emily Henderson moved her blog, which means I have like 7 posts to catch up on. I'm not complaining. :)

3:38PM - send aforementioned drawings to our local printer, so that they can be picked up and logged in.

3:39PM - cigarette & Pillars break.

3:46PM - talk to my dad about the stupid renovation project that bids Friday. he thinks we should bid it, because it's with a company that we do a lot of work with. curse him under my breath and start to download THOSE drawings. ugh. 

3:56PM - checking out some blogs on my Reader. it's almost empty, so you guys better get to writing! I seriously love the whole blogging world. it's insane how attached I am to some of you! who woulda thought? complete addiction to perfect strangers. 

4:23PM - just watched John & Sherry's updated house tour, and DIED laughing at Clara's special goodbye message at the end. babies are hilarious.

4:33PM - checked my bank statements online, set up bill payment for our county water and waste water service. I love modern technology. that reminds me, I need to start searching for filing cabinets, or others ways to store our paperwork. I have a whole pile of bills that need to be put somewhere, but since we technically don't have an "office" yet, they don't have a home.

4:37PM - remember that I forgot to eat my Snack Pack. eating it now.

4:47PM - sent stupid renovation project drawings to the printer. 

4:59PM - receive a text from my coworker saying that her daughter's hearing (the one I blogged about yesterday with her homecoming) is down. she is completely deaf in her left ear, and her right ear has been giving her problems. they went to her ear doctor today, and apparently, her hearing in her good ear is now below normal. I'm hoping the steroids they gave her will help. =/

5:10PM - leaving work for the day, finally! 

5:55PM - arrive home, give Sean and Bear a kiss and head to the kitchen to wash the dishes that have been sitting in the sink since Saturday night's dinner. talk with Sean about our days and he gives me the run down of everything he bought at the grocery store today, which included pistachios. my man loves me.
6:30PM - finished with the dishes, now taking advantage of my clean house by taking pictures of the living room to post on the blog. 

6:40PM - play with the kitties while Sean is cooking dinner in the kitchen. 

6:45PM - Sean is finished cooking dinner. ravioli from the produce section accompanied by an olive oil and garlic sauce. fucking delicious. 

6:47PM - eat dinner in the living room while watching last night's episode of House. 

7:36PM - House is over, and it was good, and sad. go smoke my after dinner cigarette, come back inside and open the computer to finish this blog post. 

I'm not going to post anymore of my evening, cause I'm exhausted. I'm pretty much going to watch TV for a little bit, take my Ambien (or NOT, because that's one thing that Sean forgot to pick up at the grocery store), climb in bed, read some Pillars and go to bed. head over here to see the rest of the 30 Day Challenge. I can't believe I'm almost done with it!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love this post. And your shirt is adorable.

  2. Love the red shoes. Is this a tatoo on your leg?

  3. yep, I have a tattoo on my right foot! :)

  4. So jealous that you get to wear jeans to work. Also, love that Julie Roberts song. Like your eco canteens, mine doesn't have the cool spout at the top, I may have to upgrade soon!

    Great recap of your day!


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