Friday, June 4, 2010

blogger's block?

I want to write. I LOVE to write. but I can't think of anything to write. the home improvements have been on a bit of a standstill with our summer plans cutting into every single weekend, and I'm kinda giving up on Wedding Wednesdays... not that they require much writing anyway. I've always loved writing, and have always loved making people laugh through my words (or horrible jokes... whatev).

I could post inspiration pictures everyday... I know that I like to see those as a reader of many blogs, but I want to WRITE. I want to put my words on paper and allow others to read them. so that's what I'm going to do. I'm just going to write about daily life and what's on my mind, and no one reads it, I'm okay with that. :)


let's see... I haven't read anything great lately... book wise, I mean. I started The Time Traveler's Wife a few weeks ago, but I really can't get hooked into it. the dates and all the jumping around between ages is a little irritating, and while it IS entertaining, I can't keep focused long enough to finish it as quickly as I would like to.

I just picked up Chelsea Handler's new book for a lighter read, and it's hilarious so far. of course, being an easier read, I can get through it in a matter of a few days - I'm about halfway through and I always put it down in the midst of laughter. she really is one funny bitch, I gotta tell ya. I wish I could meet her... I feel like we would be best friends. and if not, I would just openly stalk her and convince her to be best friends with me.


I rescued another kitten at work this week. well... I can't say that I rescued him, because my coworker found him, and is keeping him at her house until she decides whether she's going to keep him or find him another (yet still loving) home. we have stray cats at work that multiply like crazy, and we knew there were newborn kittens out there, but we didn't want to risk scaring the mama into leaving them. well, it turns out, she did that anyway - cause Renee found this little guy all by himself.

wittle milk face! love it!

he's about 3-4 weeks old, and is extremely dehydrated, has a bad upper respiratory infection, and a head wound from being attacked... but other than that... he's pretty healthy! I went through the same healing process when I rescued Bear, so I was happy to help Renee take care of him at work - yesterday, we got him drinking some kitten milk and using the litter box. I tried to feed him the milk through a little bottle, but he has a lot more teeth than Bear did, and consequently, tore the nipple right off the bottle with those chompers and got milk everywhere, hahaha. and today he was eating soft kitten food and drinking water. he's making slow progress. oh, and I guess I should mention how fucking ADORABLE this cat is - he's ALL black - I mean black fur, black paws, black lips... everything! he has big giant ears and resembles a bat, so I suggested she name him Bruce Wayne, after Batman... but she's still deciding.

I'm really happy that I'm not the one who found him, because Hubs would KILL ME without second thought if I brought home yet another feline.


I made a big trip to Home Goods a few weekends ago, but I have yet to post pictures of my goodies. I need to get on that. let's just say that I got approximately a bazillion things for about $185, including something that lights up, something that smells good, something that shines, and something that reflects. promise I'll take pictures and post them soon!


we finally have all our new lights/fans installed that we bought from Lowe's a while back, mentioned in this post. see what had happened was... we took down all four lights that were in the kitchen, dining room, and entry way... we were ready to get them all installed... and with each light removed, we discovered gross, brown, rotted looking wires.

paint color = Grape Leaves by Behr = LOVE

I decided right then and there that I was NOT hooking up any fixtures to faulty lighting and possibly burning my house down. so we've been waiting for an electrician to be able to come out and check it out. they finally came this week, fixed the problem and installed all our new lights. SO, since we haven't had lighting in the kitchen, we haven't really been able to finish the sanding and the rest of the work that needs to be completed in the kitchen. I tell you what... next house we buy will have my dream kitchen in it... because this damn room has been the biggest headache. it's bad enough just trying to find the TIME to do with our busy summer schedule, but then when we DO have the time, we have to prep and remove everything from the room and blah blah blah. P.I.T.A.


ANYWAY. I have a sleeping Bear on my lap right now. he's like my little mini-heater. I still can't believe how much he's grown. he was a little 6-7oz baby nugget when we first brought him home, and now he's fully grown and crazy as ever. you'd never know he had/kinda still does have the balance issues. he's so active, and SO funny. I'm convinced that he thinks he's human.

I mean look at this face. how can you not be completely in love with him?
so handsome. I love his grey nose. I just wanna poke it and go "boink!"
I'm weird. I know. I've learned to accept it.

Happy Friday!

I apologize for any misspellings and/or improper use of grammatical terms. my Ambien is kicking in. ;)


  1. you should convince renee to name him 'ernest hemingway' since he's black..hahahaha.

  2. duude. I WANT that kitty! So freakin cute. I have a thing for black cats...

  3. I love reading your blog posts, they are my favourite :D

  4. I'm stealing Bear. Sooo cute!

  5. Oh my lord, so cute... I die!!!!!


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