Wednesday, June 16, 2010



I swear I'm alive, but barely. I haven't been sleeping much these days, thanks to a little addiction I've picked up otherwise known as vampire entertainment. yep, I'm one of those, and I'm not ashamed. I can't say that I wish I were a vamp, cause I love the sunlight, but I would sure as hell sleep with one if I weren't married! haha! I read the Twilight series in a matter of 3 weeks last year, and it looks as if I'll be increasing my reading speed and time with the Sookie Stackhouse series.

The husband watches True Blood religiously, and has been since the first season aired. I'd catch bits and pieces of the show while walking through the living room or doing laundry in the bedroom, and every.single.time. I would see it on the TV, it was some raunchy sex scene. I was automatically turned off from the nakedness. now, don't get me wrong, I love nakedness, but if all I'm seeing is tits, I'm not usually interested. it didn't seem to have much of a plot from what I witnessed, and therefore, I vowed to not become a True Blood fan, and have boycotted it ever since.

until now.

I had heard about the Sookie Stackhouse books (the ones from which the show is based) a while back... I guess it was around the time the show aired. but because I hadn't been interested in watching the show, I was pretty sure I wouldn't be a lover of the books either. holy moley, was I wrong. I ordered Dead Until Dark on Amazon on a whim (along with about 6 other books not vampire related), and figured I'd give it a read and if I liked it, I'd order the rest.

let's just say I was finished the book in about 4 days and patiently awaiting the arrival of my next Amazon order, which obviously, could not come soon enough. I was hooked from the first chapter, and a little over a week later, I'm on the third book.

I watched Season 1 of the television series (and am on the third episode of Season 2), and while it's much different than the book, it's wonderful. I was relieved that it was a series revolving around adults, and not teenagers, a la Twilight. the story line is pretty accurate as far as the book is concerned, but there are some pretty big character differences. that's alright with me, cause let's face it, Bill is pretty nice to look at. and now that I know Bill's personality, I don't mind the sex scenes... in fact, I look forward to it cause it makes me all tingly in the nethers.

and you know what makes it even better? that Sookie & Bill are engaged in real life. well, um, Anna & Stephen are getting married in real life. yes, I know I'm late on this news, but it makes me even giddier when I watch the show knowing that they really do love each other, so back off.

it's SO nice to have a book series that I'm actually really interested in reading, and not just turning the pages for the sake of finishing the book. it's been a while since I've picked up a real page turner, and it's a great thing. poor Sean has been ignored for the past week, but I think he understands, since he loves the TV show as much as I love the books. ;)

so anyway, that's where I've been... with my nose in a book!
and for good measure, here are some pictures from the show.



  1. hahaha, no way - that boy is dumb as rocks. but I agree, he is fun to stare at. :D

  2. I love these books and the show. I am anxiously awaiting watching last night's episode tonight. :)
    Welcome to the world of Bon Temps.

  3. Im all about some eric....and jason is hot...he is australian so in my book that makes him even hotter :)


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