Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday loves

summer wardrobe essentials for little fellas. 

the only spilled milk that leaves me in awe. 

this onesie for Ronin to wear at his first birthday party (someone hold me). 
tiny teepees are all the rage right now, and I want one, damnit. this one, to be exact.

um, this kid. what a freakin' heart breaker. 

and finally, this post on having mom friends. - it's SO hard being a first time mom and not having local mom friends. don't get me wrong, I have friends with kids (my BFF has two and another on the way), but they all live 30+ minutes away from me, and it's not exactly convenient to visit and have playdates when I have to work around pumping and nap time. I'm making it a goal of mine in the next few weeks to meet more local young moms. 


  1. eek! i'm with that onsie!
    and agreed on the mom friends post. i have ONE and we don't even see each other that much. all the local mom groups only meet during the week and since i work (lame sauce), they are not an option. def a challenge.
    oh and happy mother's day!!!

  2. I am totally going to be all about that teepee rage... probably by the time I have a kiddo they won't be popular anymore and I'll either never find one or find some used one at a yard sale for 50 cents haha

    I am also really glad your onesie of choice doesn't have Ronin's name on it or some tacky I'm 1 type theme to it. Not that I'd imagine you doing that... just appreciating it haha

  3. i'm loving the teepee's too!! i want one for Eli's playroom myself!

    and, i can totally relate about mom friends. it's super hard too when you work...blah!
    have a great weekend!
    Happy Mother's Day!


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