Tuesday, March 19, 2013

round up: Easter basket goodies!

we're not big on celebrating Easter in our house. at least... we weren't... until we had a baby. but now I'm all about the Easter bunny, dying Easter eggs (next year), and celebrating the holiday with gifts for Ronin. 

as far as the actual basket goes, I wanted to stray from the typical wicker basket simply because they just take up too much room. I know that I would get sick of looking at it and would end up throwing it out after each season... especially if I didn't splurge for one from PB or something. I decided to buy a fabric bin on Etsy that can grow with Ronin; one that we can use year after year. 

are you getting excited for the Easter Bunny? I'll be taking Ronin to sit on his lap at the mall next week, and I may or may not be hoping for a meltdown. I feel like every kid needs a crying Easter Bunny photo, am I right?

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  1. His basket is adorable. Your so right about the basket too. I buy new ones every year and it's annoying! I think you mght get your screaming picture next year when he is like who the F is this and why do I have to sit on his lap!


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