Tuesday, March 19, 2013

new design!

I needed some inspiration to blog more, and so I entrusted fellow blogger and boy mom friend Vicki to make my space pretty.

I wanted something that would grow with me, as the premise of this blog has clearly changed over the last few years. I also decided to ditch The Bear Naked Truth, sadly. it was time to retire the name that started this blog, and move onto something a little more grown up and not so... naked. ya know, cause I have a baby and shit now.

um, SO glad I reached out to her. girl's got skills, right?! if you need a little help in the blog design department, get your ass HERE and holla. and while you're there, say hello to one of the cutest little boys ever. 


  1. i'm kind of in the same boat. I feel so bleh about my blog and blogging and and and.

    I actually purchased a new blog on wordpress because i honestly really dislike where google is going with all this + stuff and a lot of people seem to eventually go down the wordpress route. now.... just to figure out how the HECK I do it... I'll probably end up hiring someone haha.

  2. It looks great! I really love the new look!!


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