Wednesday, August 22, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 39

DISCLAIMER: this post was written yesterday, before my 39 week appointment (aka there's more to tell... stay tuned). oh, and no worries, he hasn't joined us just yet. :)

how far along? 
39 weeks. 

how big is the baby? 
well, every baby site is telling me that Ronin is the size of a watermelon (in other words, over 7lbs and about 20 inches long)... and damnit, I believe them. he's still growing and accumulating fat and he is still experiencing rapid brain development.

total weight gain: 
no gain in the last week, so still sitting at 27lbs.

terrible. absolutely fucking terrible. between the itchy belly and the contractions, I'm lucky if I'm asleep by midnight, and then I wake up to reapply ointment (and pee) a few times. thankfully I have the ability to sleep until 1pm if I want to. 

best moment of the week: 
finding out that we've made some progress! at my appointment on Friday, my doctor said that I had softened a bit and that I was about a fingertip dilated. it's not much, but it's more than the previous week. I also got all of our newborn cloth diapers prepped, woohoo! 

food cravings: 
carbs, carbs, carbs. yesterday I ate leftover mac & cheese and mashed potatoes for lunch.

food aversions: 
nothing really.

the most notable (and recent) ones are the itchy belly (stretch mark related) and contractions. the contractions are getting steadily stronger, but they're still pretty irregular and not timeable.

gender sex: 
BOY! :D 

most looking forward to: 
our OB appointment tomorrow morning. fingers crossed for more progress... Mama would like to avoid an induction if at all possible!

what I miss right now: 
not wanting to rip my skin off. I'd rather have morning sickness again than the itch of these stretch marks. 

next appointment: 
tomorrow morning!

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