Wednesday, August 22, 2012

39 week appointment update

so I had a regular OB appointment this morning.
a few things I wanted to mention to my doctor:
- the ever lasting itching of my belly (which is now joined by raised bumps within my stretch marks);
- Ronin's decreased movement (he's still moving, but not nearly as much as he has been throughout the pregnancy... I've chalked it up to him running out of room, but wanted to make sure);
- and I wanted a cervical check (to make sure these contractions are actually doing their job).

so, an update to those specific issues, in bullet form:

- the itching belly started about a week and a half ago. I mentioned it to my nurse practitioner at my last appointment, and she just shrugged it off as a normal pregnancy symptom. I spent the next week trying to combat the itch with hyrocortisone topical cream, calamine lotion, cocoa butter, and tea tree oil. they all provided temporary relief, but when the itch eventually came back, it was just as miserable (if not more) than it was before applying the cream, lotion, butter, or oil.

I decided I didn't want to just blow it off, so I brought it up to my OB this morning. turns out... itchiness + raised bumps = PUPPP. she prescribed me an oral steroid that I have to take for 5 days, and it should help. woo to the freaking hoo... I can't WAIT to have some relief from this shit. it is misery. absolute MISERY.

- she sent me to labor and delivery to monitor Ronin's movement. as expected, he made me into a liar by doing somersaults and showing off for the nurse in triage. also? I could listen to this kid's heartbeat all day everyday and never get sick of it. I'm going to miss that part of being pregnant.

- as I mentioned in my 39 week bump watch post, I was a fingertip dilated at my appointment on Friday (I know, I know... you're all very curious as to what the status of my cervix is). she checked me again today, and said I was 50% effaced and 3cm dilated - holy cow, talk about PROGRESS! I am so happy to know that my body is doing what it's supposed to do and that these contractions are not for nothing.

however... on the back end of that awesomeness: my doctor does not want to let me go very far over my due date because of my continuously high blood pressure. she's worried that it will get too high if he decides to take his time, which will probably lead to a C-section. so with that said, we have an induction scheduled for next week (waiting to hear from labor & delivery on the date, but it will be either Wednesday or Thursday) if he doesn't make his way into the world on his own. I've been scared of being induced since the beginning of this pregnancy, so obviously I'm hoping he gets his shit together before next week. personally, I think he'll be here by the weekend, but I've learned that I am officially on HIS schedule now, so I'm not holding my breath.

so that's where we are now... just waiting for him to make his move. after my appointment (and subsequent internal exam), I had some serious cramping going on. it was so intense that I was really convinced the exam had done something to jump start my labor. let's just say that I am thankful to have absolutely no qualms about receiving an epidural, cause I am a big old wuss. I was in so much pain just after a simple cervical check and here I am getting ready to push a watermelon out of my vag. bring on the drugs, damnit.


  1. This is so exciting for you! I love reading the progress :)

  2. haha! well im glad everything is looking good in there! almost time momma! next week for sure. so crazy!! yaaaaaay

  3. Gah! So soon! I feel like you just announced your pregnancy yesterday! I can't wait to see pictures of him, I'm sure he'll just be adorable!

  4. Things are coming along nicely. Inductions are not that bad just intense. Forced marches, acupuncture are things you can do to get Ronin to decide to join you. I can't wait to see this little one.

  5. So exciting! Glad everything is going well, except the whole skin itching thing, and that he will be making his appearance soon! I know you can't wait!!

  6. 3cm already!!! wow! when my water broke I was only 1cm so bravo for being a little ahead of the game! I hope this means Ronin will have a slightly quicker and easier delivery! fingers crossed for youuu


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