Thursday, June 7, 2012

and the (paint) winner is...

[far left]

looking at the paint chips alone (that I showed in this post), I was really torn between Atmospheric (3rd from the left) and French Court (2nd from the left). it just goes to show you how different paint colors look in various light situations. French court was too denim-y and Atmospheric was a little too muddy grey for my liking. Misty Morn (far right) was actually really pretty, but too light for the space overall. we may end up using it in the closet or something down the line.

I feel that Voyage will look great in any light in the room. it'll also allow the furniture (white), crib (grey), and glider (navy blue) to pop against it. it's a very rich grey-ish teal - not too bright and not too dark. 
also? it's a cool name. my little seal of bright fame on his VOYAGE of life. haha, so cheesy. 

Daddy Q will be painting the room sometime in the next week (he's picking up a gallon tonight), so I'll be sure to post finished pictures when it's complete. it feels great to finally have something taken off the to-do list for Ronin's room!

Happy Thursday! 

PS - I know my Friday loves posts have been slacking, but I'm hoping to pick them back up next week! stay tuned! 

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