Tuesday, May 1, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 23

um, holy shit. according to WTEWYE, I am 6 months pregnant today. 
how the hell did that happen?! 
time is flying... although I'm pretty sure I'll be singing a different tune when I hit the 3rd trimester. 

top from Old Navy

how far along? 
23 weeks - 6 MONTHS. 

how big is the baby? 
Ronin is a little over 11 inches long and weighing in at a little over a pound. he is the size of a pomegranate (or a large mango). his face is fully formed (just waiting on a little fat to cushion it) and he is developing nipples. he can also hear my voice, heartbeat, and loud noises like cars honking or dogs barking.

total weight gain: 
I haven't weighed myself this week, but I would assume I'm at about the same I was last week... maybe even up to pre-pregnancy weight now. 

the Snoogle is where it's at, folks. sleep is MUCH better. still peeing multiple times during the night, but that's nothing new. 

best moment of the week: 
totally not baby related, but the Caps moving on to round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs! baby related? creating Ronin's nursery inspiration board and my MIL ordering our crib. :)

OH, and I forgot to mention that I ordered our first cloth diapers last week (mostly prefolds and some fitteds) and they are the cutest fucking things I've ever seen in my life.

food cravings: 
Dole fruit popsicles, shells & cheese, and burgers. yum.

food aversions: 
nothing I can recall.

SPD is funnnnn. <---- pretty much. other than the pelvic pain, I feel great.

gender sex: 
BOY! :D 

most looking forward to: 
celebrating Kaycie & Adam's wedding at their Cinco de Mayo reception this weekend, working on the nursery, and the moment when Sean will finally be able to feel a baby kick.

what I miss right now: 
I really wanted a beer while watching hockey over the weekend. I settled for a glass of wine, but it wasn't the same.

next appointment: 
May 16th.

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  1. when are you due?? i'm about 23 weeks as well!! i didn't even realize it had been 6 months! holy cow! i'm due august 26th!
    i've also been craving fruit popsicles! my current obsession is grape ones!
    hope you are feeling well!


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