Tuesday, March 13, 2012

baby Q bump watch - week 16

this is the last photo I took on my phone before it stopped taking pictures. I think that's a sign that I need to stop being lazy and break out the Canon to take my weekly bump photos. I'm going to try to get my chalkboard together this week so I can decorate it all fancy like. weeeee!

anyway. yep, that's my pee in a cup. and yes, I spent $40 on that stupid thing. I think it's a girl, my urine thinks it's a boy... it's me vs. you, pee test. we'll find out for sure in 23 days! 

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how far along? 
16 weeks. 

how big is the baby? 
baby is the size of an avocado - she measures 4.6 inches long from rump to crown and weighs about 3.5 ounces. she can hear now, thanks to tiny bones forming in her ears. she's also forming taste buds and growing hair. 

total weight gain: 
I'm not weighing myself at home. I'd rather go by the doctor's scale... so I'll know next Friday. 

still awesome sauce. I seriously sleep like a rock. I get up to pee a lot, but I did that before I was pregnant. 

best moment of the week: 
indulging in my seafood craving by ordering crab legs at dinner on Saturday night. I was in my happy place, fo sho. 

food cravings: 
sadly, I want nothing but junk right now. I had a dream last night about eating a giant burger with mac & cheese on it. how fucking awesome does that sound?!

food aversions: 
nadda. I feel like I could happily eat anything now.  

same as last week - round ligament pain, headaches, and constipation. I also had some annoying nasal congestion for about a week, but that's gone for now. OH, and pregnancy brain. holy shit, I've never felt so dumb in my life. 

gender sex: 
we'll find out on April 5th. 

most looking forward to: 
our appointment next week ON MY BIRTHDAY. 

what I miss right now: 
I reaaaaally want a turkey sub. 

next appointment: 
still March 23rd. 


  1. woot, woot!! glad you're feeling good these days! junk food is my best friend as well. what can ya do?? yay for boys! or girls. ;)

  2. LOL I can't believe you took that test... I debated doing it when I was pregnant, but my husband thought I was nuts..

    Have you heard of the Ramsey method? Someone told me about it shortly after we announced our pregnancy. He was a doctor that claimed you could tell the gender of the baby from an early ultrasound, based on the position of the fetus. I think girls had their heads to the right, and boys to the left? (I could have that backwards). Anyway, this friend told me that based on my 8 week ultrasound that we were having a girl. I took it with a grain of salt, but she was right!!

    1. oh my husband definitely gave me a rack of shit when I came home with it, haha. I'm googling Ramsey method now! my 7 week u/s had baby's head to the right, and the 9 week one had it to the left, haha.

    2. Did you google it!? I think it was only accurate on transvaginal ultrasound -- I was told that abdominal ultrasound images are mirrored, while transvag (that sounds so dirty...) were correctly aligned.

      I'm excited to find out if it was accurate for you, too!


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