Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I will be back in full force soon. I have two weeks left of school (which also entails 50ish sketches to complete, 2 physics exams, and a 10 minute presentation on rainbows) until winter break. 

until then, I'll do fun little memes like this, haha. 

saw this over at Sometimes Sweet today and decided to play along. 

Obsessing over: Christmas decor. I keep finding ideas on Pinterest and wanting to recreate every single fucking tree, ornament, and wreath out there. so far I've made a crap load of ornaments, some wall art, and a yarn "tree" out of a cone, but I have supplies for even more projects. 

oh and also? Bikram yoga. it's incredibly challenging, but I love it and I'm pretty certain it will change my life. 

Working on: not failing my second physics exam of the semester, which is mostly the sound portion of this light & sound course. once I get through tonight, I will be working on completing my 100 sketches for my drawing class, and then the weekend will consist of rainbow research. OH, and I'm also in the process of getting a stray kitty at my work adopted through a rescue organization, which is proving to be a lot more work than I anticipated. 

Thinking about: what I'm going to do with my free time once this semester is over. HA! and also how I need to sit down and make a supply list for all my DIY Christmas gifts. 

Anticipating: registering for spring semester courses (which will be my first time taking ID instruction in several years), Sean's 29th birthday (we're celebrating out with friends AND I'm cooking dinner for him & his family... eeks!), Christmas, our 5th annual Secret Santa party, and many many more events that we have coming up. 

Listening to: sirens. I work in the ghetto, so it's pretty much all I hear during the day. and typical office chatter. 

Drinking: water, as always. 

Wishing: that it would stop raining so I can have a non-hellish commute to school after work. AND that I could find a good home for little stray kitty before the weather gets too cold... otherwise we'll be fostering him until we can. =/

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I don't miss school at all, it gets so intense this time of the year! Best of luck in it all! I've been feeling so crafty lately but I'm not here (in my apt) for Christmas season at all so there is absolutely no point of me getting festive this year... so I think I might need to do some non-seasonal projects!

    I'm so doing this meme tomorrow!

  2. I'm totally with you on the Pinterest point! The only thing for me is that I always feel ridiculously dumb because I'm not crafty enough to re-create any of it! Humph! Best of luck to you on your finals! :)


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