Friday, December 2, 2011

fill in the blank Friday!

play with Lauren

1.   The holiday season is    best spent with those you love and those you are thankful for .

2.   Snow makes me   happy, only when it's enough to get me out of work. any other time, it makes me stabby, because people don't know how to drive in it     .

3.  The best comfort food to eat when it's cold out is    grilled cheese and soup   .

4. Winter is the best time for    snuggling. and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows  .

5.  I can hardly wait for    winter break! just have to get through 2 more weeks and then I can relax for a bit .

6.  When it comes to holiday gifts I prefer to    give them. I usually spend a lot of time trying to pick the perfect gift, and it's a comforting feeling to watch someone open a present that you worked so hard on .

7.  If I were to rate my excitement about the holiday season on a scale from 1-10, I would say I am at about a    9. I absolutely LOVE the holiday season, because I enjoy seeing my family and spending quality time with the people around me. I give a 9 and not a 10, because it's also the time of year that my mom got sick, and therefore the cold weather always reminds me of that. the holidays really just haven't been the same without her. 


  1. Mmm, grilled cheese! I always forget how much I love it until I have it and then I realize that I need it in my life again. In other news, I think I'm going to make lunch...

    ;) Happy Friday Mandee!

  2. I can hardly wait for a little holiday at the end of the month too..yeah!

    I love your list today..I hope it is okay if I reblog it sometime later this month??

  3. The holidays are all about those you love and are thankful for aren't they! Thanks for the great post!

  4. grilled cheese and soup are a staple to winter in my opinion as well ;)


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