Tuesday, July 19, 2011

around the house & random tidbits

- I finished our gallery wall in the entryway! thanks to 3M Command Strips and these guys from Amazon, it was a piece of cake. the most time consuming part was the planning process - figuring out where to put each frame. and then my OCD kicking in, which meant I had to map everything out and then measure between each frame and break out the mini level to make sure everything was perfect. and it was. 

this picture sucks (ever since I dropped/plunged my cell phone into the river, the camera is wonky), but you get the idea. most of the frames are still empty, and I will be working this week to find permanent art prints for them! 

paint color: Sparrow by Behr. 

- because I've discovered the awesomeness that is the 3M Strip, I also have these prints (scroll to the bottom) ready to hang in the kitchen. will photograph when complete. 

- our new curtains arrived and they are AMAZING. the quality is just so much nicer than the cheapos we bought from JC Penny a few years back. they are a silk/rayon blend, are lined in the back, and have sewn in weights to keep them hanging correctly. 

the only problem is that they're a smidge too long... an inch and a half, maybe two inches too long. I'm debating on whether to have them dry cleaned in the hopes that they shrink juuuust enough (and risk them being too short or never hanging right again and paying a pretty penny) or to just buy an iron hem kit and bring them up an inch or so. 

thoughts? does anyone know how much rayon/silk shrinks up when washed? 

- we still haven't put together the dining room table yet. slackin' big time, I know, but hopefully this weekend, it'll get done. 

- remember back when I started that wee little ink project? well, you probably don't remember the start, since I wasn't blogging back then, but you probably remember the beginning if you've been here a while. 

well, it's finished. I went up to Black Anchor on Saturday for my last sleeve session EVER, and I am honestly so happy it's finally complete. I sat for another 3.5 hours, which was rough, considering the longest I've sat under the needle previously was 4 hours. total chair time for this piece was about 14 hours! 

again, horrible cell phone pictures, but my camera has been in Sean's truck for weeks and I keep forgetting to grab it! I am so, so, so excited that it's finished, and now I can move onto the next! ha! I'm thinking I'll move onto the lower half for my next tattoo(s)... I really want to put something on my calves next. 

- I suck at reading lately. I'm still making my way through The Book Thief and while it is definitely getting better, it's still kind of a slow read. in my defense though, little kitty Skillet has been taking up a lot of my time in the evenings too. 

- I'm on the hunt for a local CSA to deliver organic fruits & veggies (and possibly farm fresh eggs) to us. there are a lot in the state of Maryland and even in DC, but none that deliver to the city where we live OR where I work. super bummed about it, but I'm still searching! 


  1. Love the photo wall! Congrats on being done with the tattoo - it looks very cool!!

  2. Love your colage wall & that paint color. & Awesome sleeve girlfran!

  3. ahhhh I love it!!! I really need to go get mine but keep losing my time somewhere!

  4. I'm talking about the tattoos obviously :)


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