Thursday, June 23, 2011

brain dump & online shopping

how is it only the second day of summer, but it's literally 4 million degrees outside with a heat index of 9 million? also, why does it feel like I've been SO busy already? oh wait, cause I have! let's do a little catching up, shall we?

two weekends ago, Sean & I met up with a bunch of our friends at Coconut Joe's for some dranks. and by "some dranks," I mean that I consumed so many orange crushes that I was puking all day Sunday and although I typically like to enjoy a good naval orange on a daily basis, I have yet to be able to stomach one since that evening. it seems as though my hangovers are increasingly getting worse with age, but I guess it's my own damn fault for thinking I can drink like I used to. damn the man!


last Wednesday I finally got my hair trimmed and dyed and it feels amazing and so much lighter. the only problem is that I tried to do that curly hair headband trick and my freshly cut layers were falling out all over the place. whomp whomp. oh well, at least my wig looks awesome! 


I got a little click happy and ordered a few new dresses a few weeks ago - 4 from Forever 21 and 1 from Buckle (along with those gold sandals I mentioned here): 

Cat Print Dress - $17.80

Moroccan Surplice Dress - $19.80

Daytrip Zig-Zag Striped Dress - $32.00

Woven Tribal Print Dress (blue/orange is no longer available) - $17.80
Smocked Tie-Dye Dress - $9.00

the cat dress I ordered to wear to a bachelorette party this weekend is too small. like... hugs the curves in a bad way and maybe if I lose some weight I can someday wear it as a shirt. this is also a painful reminder that I REALLY need to get my ass in gear and get back in the gym on a daily basis. talk about disappointing... I was really looking forward to showing off my crazy cat ladyness out in public.

the tie-dye dress is a teeny bit shorter than I'd like, but it's not terribly revealing, so I might just stick to leggings when I wear it. the other dresses fit amazingly well! I wore the Zig-Zag Striped dress to Kullen's birthday party last weekend and got a lot of compliments on it! 


my favorite little curly headed Kullen turned TWO last weekend! I got to help Kaley a little bit with the party, and let me just say... she did such an astounding job with all the little details! there was a three tiered Yo Gabba Gabba cake, cookie lollipops, rainbow fruit kabobs, chocolate covered pretzels, balloons galore and SO many more little touches thrown in to make it special. the party was a complete success! 

photo courtesy of Kaley

Kullen is a lucky boy to have such a great mama, and I'm a lucky girl for having such a wonderful friend who shares her cute son with me! :) 


my skin has been breaking out like I'm a 12 year old boy. ever since getting off birth control, my skin has been rebelling against me completely. I saw a dermatologist, who prescribed me a topical lotion to apply after showering, which I've been doing for about 2 months now. everything is cleared up except MY FACE. I never dealt with acne growing up, so it's all new to me to have to deal with this crap, and it sucks completely. if anyone has any tips, I'm all ears. 


alright, I think that's all I got for today. I'm heading out tomorrow afternoon for a little girl's weekend trip to New Jersey for a bachelorette party - we'll be staying at a beach house in Avalon and then scooting over to Atlantic City for some fun on Saturday evening. it's going to be a great time, as long as I don't end up with another hungover-all-day Sunday. 

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. I've been breaking out SO bad too... no clue why because I'm still on BC and nothing has really changed for me. SO ANNOYING. Doesn't it ever stop?

    I love your new haircut. I wore my hair in the curly headband way last Saturday and it worked SO SO SO well, never have girls EVER stayed in my hair before!


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