Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday loves

because my affinity for all things (recipes, design, fashion, products, music, etc) changes as quickly as the weather frequently, I've decided to dedicate a post every Friday to some of my favorite things from that week. 

there are a few bloggers out there doing this (like Lauren & Kristal) and although I won't be posting kiddo stuff like them, I still think it's an awesome idea to share what I'm diggin' at this moment. 


Emily Giffin. after reading Something Borrowed and Something Blue, I rushed to Amazon to buy the next in the series (I say "series" loosely, based on the fact that Baby Proof does not include the main characters from the first two novels) and finished it in a matter of days.

Emily has such a casual, yet very intense way with words, and I'm finding myself really getting attached to her characters. also, I really appreciated that little break from the usual young adult books that I've been picking up lately (and incidentally, am reading now, haha).

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this bag:

I actually discovered this a few weeks ago, but I'm reaaaaally tempted to pull the plug on this purchase in the near future. it's the Rose camera bag by Jo Totes in Marigold. yes, it's mustard. and it has houndstooth lining. and it is perfection.

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my new Biofit bra that I talked about purchasing here. it is the perfect combination of comfort and sexy.

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I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I'm going to attempt them in the next few weeks when I have a break from weekend madness.

chocolate chip cookie dough STUFFED INTO CUPCAKES. 
if you tell me your mouth isn't watering right now, I'm calling you a fucking liar. they won't exactly fit into my new "healthy lifestyle" attitude, but I figure I can make a small amount of them and therefore not be forced to eat 98 mini cupcakes in one sitting.

... I'll keep you updated, fo sho.

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yes, it's another YA, but it's gooooood.

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anything and everything lemon verbena scented by Mrs. Meyers. 
I've been making an effort to buy greener household products and I am SO thankful I tried this brand out.

first of all, the scents are amazing. I was looking to buy products that worked like normal household cleaners, but without the typical cleaner smell. and also? the results? awesome. a little goes a long way when using Mrs. Meyers, and therefore, the product lasts longer. now, I've only tried the hand soap, the dish soap, and the counter spray, but I'm willing to bet the other options work (and smell) just as great.

personally, the lemon verbena scent is my favorite, but I've also tried the lavender, which smells wonderfully. I like the lemon because it's nice and citrusy (yes, that's a word) and summery. uh, and bonus... it's green, so it virtually matches everything in my house.

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this dresser transformation over at Design Sponge.  
I wish I had that kind of talent... and patience. chevron is my go-to pattern these days.

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this swimsuit I came across on Pinterest

the linked source claims that the image is from Victoria's Secret. must have been from last year's swimsuit line, because I cannot find it anywhere on the website. super sad face. 

if you know where this suit is from, hit a sister up. I need to own it.

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I am not being reimbursed or compensated in any way for the mention and positive reviews of the products listed on this blog. the opinions expressed are solely my own and while I wish I could receive free shit... trust me, I'm not.



  1. Oooooh, I love the bag! Yellow is my favourite colour. So springy :)

  2. Great taste. I need a new camera bag and I have seen that one on several people's wish lists. I think it's super adorable. I love that swimsuit too!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that bag and the color too!! I can't wait to hear about trying that recipe, those cupcakes look mouth watering!

  4. Love the bag, and those cupcakes...oh my goodness. I just got really hungry haha.

  5. You need to hit "buy" on the bag so you can tell me how you like it! Then you can help me justify why I need to get it in raspberry!

  6. Um, yeah.... It's official. We are the same person.
    I LOVED all of Emily Giffin's books and read through them as quickly as I could! I should actually go rent them from the library again since it's been a while and I loved them all so much!

    Those cookie dough cupcakes!?! Are you kidding me? I found them, drooled on the keyboard and bookmarked the recipe for a later date. I've been trying to avoid my bookmarks so I don't turn into the fattest kid in the universe!

    Mrs. Meyer's makes some of the nicest cleaning products around! My favorite is definitely the lemon verbena, although my mom uses the lavender, which also smells delicious!

    Chevron dresser, two words: Oh Yeah!!

    There was a swimsuit that Juicy Couture made a few years ago, it was a brown halter top, had a ruffled skirt and a bow. I was in love. I never tracked it down and I still pine for it!

    Happy Friday Mandeeeeeeee =)


  7. Those cupcakes look amazing. I will need to find time to attempt the recipe. By the way I am Ruth and I just discovered your blog. I can't wait to see what other things you will be posting about.

  8. the bag and bathing suit are both gorgeous <3

  9. I covet that bag... seriously loving the green one but I really want one in every color. Think they ship to Cambodia?

  10. Those cupcakes are OMf'nG! I do love me a good cupcake.

  11. That bra is too cute, but those cupcakes? They are like bakery porn. And I love Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena, too. My fav scent of theirs.

  12. I will be SURE to update you all when I actually muster to courage to bake those cupcakes. I'm not a baker though, so be warned that they might not be that great coming from my oven, hahaha


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