Tuesday, April 12, 2011

design ADD & tidbits

I changed my header again. and my button. I'm sticking with the argyle background though, cause I loves it. I wanted something cleaner and not so busy, so voila. even made a matching button, cause I'm fancy and shit. sike. 

had a busy weekend - got this done on Saturday. it's the only picture I have so far, and it's on my cell phone, of course. I got the two flowers and the crab colored... I only have one more session to go until my sleeve is complete, and I can't wait. it's disgusting looking right now with the peeling and the flaking, so I'll wait til it's healed to take better pictures. 

spent Sunday with my best friend at her house for a Tastefully Simple party. pretty sure I'm hooked on their products now... especially the strawberry cheeseball. holy crap, that thing was delicious. I ordered $66.61 worth of stuff from the consultant. 666... fitting, no?

I had the day off yesterday, which was wonderful considering it was about 80 degrees and beautiful outside. I went to my first ever dermatologist appointment in the morning... I needed to have my moles checked out (I'm moley, ha), and to find out what the hell is going on with my skin. as I suspected, my recent breakouts are due to my crazy ass hormones going bonkers since getting off birth control. and my moles are A-okay. 

the rest of the day went as follows: 
-drop off prescribed antibiotic lotion at pharmacy
-stop to see a friend at her work
-get nails done (color= jade is the new black. it's gorgeous)
-pick up prescribed antibiotic from pharmacy
-go home and take a quick nap
-head BACK out to the dentist, have teeth cleaned and told I need to floss more (what else is new?)
-go home and change
-go to the gym and start C25K program (awesome, by the way)
-home again... shower, dinner, TV, bed


wish I could have relaxed more on my day off, but it just wasn't in the cards for me I guess, haha. I'll write a better post about the Couch to 5K program when I get some time, but I'm sure you've all heard of it. I definitely want to elaborate on my experience with it, because I'm not a runner... but I'm only on Week 1, so I'll see how I feel about it in a few weeks and update you!

oh. one more thing. who has two thumbs and has been a non-smoker for 6 months today? 
this girl!  :)

Happy Tuesday, readers!


  1. I have been building up the nerve (for years now) to get my next tattoo. I'm such a wussy.

  2. I love the idea of being a "runner", but the reality is just not me. Can't wait to hear about your experience. Tattoo looks great! Congrats on 6 months of being smoke free! Love the new header!!

  3. Congrats on quitting smoking! I quit over 2 years ago, but I still miss them, a lot. It's so difficult to quit, but so worth it! Keep on going, you can do it! =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

    p.s. I'm definitely going to nab one of your fresh new buttons!

  4. thank you all for the positive feedback!

    @Jinny - don't worry, I always put off my next tattoo "projects" but once I start, I want them finished!

    @Alaina - I am SO not a runner, but this program (from what I can tell) makes it easier to build up your tolerance.

    @Biscuit - I missed smoking a LOT when I first quit, but now I rarely think about it. even when I'm around people who smoke, I don't envy them in the least because I think they smell bad, hahah.


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