Saturday, March 12, 2011

[ p e a c e ]

I hate using the same photo for multiple challenges
(especially on different days of the week),
but I really could not imagine a better picture to
use to represent peace than this one.
you know Lily is the most comfortable when she
makes her belly vulnerable to kisses and snuggles.

I truly believe that a cat doesn't trust you
until they allow you to rub their belly,
because most belly rubs for some cats are
accompanied by scratches and slight panic attacks. 
this shot proves Lily's trust in me as her Mama.

and trust is peaceful.

The Paper Mama

Happy Saturday!


  1. I still love this photo - no shame in using it again!! Very peaceful!

  2. She looks very very peaceful. :0) I would love to be able to relax like that!

  3. I love giving my kitties belly rubs! So sweet and a great photo!


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