Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Delta Burke?

what's that corny quote that people were throwing around years ago? everyone and their mother had it plastered all over their MySpace profiles. something to do with how if a guy can't make you laugh, he sucks? or maybe something more uplifting than that? oh, here it is. 

"if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything." 
- Marilyn Monroe

I'd say I got pretty lucky with this gem. this is a conversation between Sean and I on gchat (which, pardon my language, fucking sucks big donkey balls lately) this afternoon. typical day in my life, I'm telling you. this guy knows the way to my heart. 

Happy Birthday!!
Sean: Sorry to spoil my surprise but......SURPRISE!!!
 Sent at 12:02 PM on Tuesday
me: aaahahaah
omg i'm blogging about this right now
Sean: what Designing Women?
That show was the bomb
me: noooo this convo
Sean: oh ok
me: cause it's hilarious
and i like to make people think you're a lot funnier on the internet than you are in real life
Sean: Delta Burke and Annie Potts used to heat that show up!
me: dude i do not remember that show
i thought it was a joke
Sean: may have been before your time a little
Delta Burke was married to Major Dad in real life
me: -_-
that's my face right now
Sean: I remember all the early 90's situation comedies
me: i was only 4 in 1990
Sean: haha...sorry sometimes
Publish Post
I forget
me: no you don't, you love it
Sean: I was literally watching that shit when you were in diapers
me: i was definitely NOT in diapers when i was 4
maybe YOU were
Sean: whatever....i know you were a late bloomer
me: but my little ass was potty trained at like 18 months
i was ahead of the curve when it came to pissing on the pot
Sean: sometimes accidents when you are 4 or 5 are ok
me: ... or 10
... or 25
Sean: yea sometimes even 25
me: just so you know, i am posting this entire convo to the blog
Sean: it happens...sometimes I make an ooppsie
me: aaahaahahhaa
yeah like last week
Sean: Or even when I try to push a fart and a turd comes out
I have to wrangle it out of my undies
Can't help mistakes only learn from them.
me: omg
you are ridiculous

the whole "when you were in diapers" thing is a running
joke between the two of us. 

Sean is almost four years older than I am 
and so he often points out that while I was in diapers, 
he was mowing the lawn and driving cars. 
obviously an extreme exaggeration. 

and in case you are curious of the marvelous 
birthday gift he is referring to in the conversation, 
it is this... season 1 of Designing Women. 

and it's even on sale for the amazing price of $18.99. 
get em while you can, folks!


and yes, I do call my husband "dude."

Happy Tuesday!  


  1. I totally watched Designing Women when I was younger!
    Your conversation is hilarious. Reminds me of conversations Matt and I have. We always say if we hadn't found each other we'd probably be single due to conversations like that. :)

  2. This is too funny! Designing Women is the reason I chose design as my major in college. I even interned with a design firm that was a lot like the women on the show. Love it!

  3. Oh man, this post makes me feel old. I'm 10 years older than you and I watched Designing Women all. the. time...and not reruns either! lmao

  4. You guys are hilarious :)
    And I definitely remember Designing Women!
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog today!

  5. Ha! I used to watch that show. We've got you beat - Jim is nearly 7 years older than me. We grew up in different decades, for crying out loud.

  6. I loved designing women! It may have changed my life outlook, not really. I did love that show though. Your Husband is hilarious!

  7. Nothing says I love you like a box set of Designing Women! Haha, I love that you husband is all about DW, too funny. It was a pretty good show, just in case you ever feel like checking it out :)
    Stopped on over from FTLOB!


  8. Found your blog on FTLOB.

    If there is a contest going on, my husband is 15 years older than I am. This year, I am turning the age HE WAS when we met. My husband was drafted to the NHL when I was 4 years old! We just "don't do the math" !



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