Tuesday, January 25, 2011

snuggles. I haz them.

this was the most exciting part of my evening last night... besides my heinous workout with my trainer and the delicious steak dinner hub cooked. the amazing quality of these pictures is what you'll get when you continue to use your 875 billion year old cell phone, folks. god I can't wait for my upgrade.

I love when she's in a cuddling mood. she gets so excited to lay with me and she loves to be rubbed all over. she is the sweetest cat ever... if you call for any of the other kitties, she comes bolting into the room reading for lovins, like "what? did you call me? what's that? you want to snuggle? I love to snuggle. let's snuggle right now... don't worry about getting up to pet me, I'll just make myself comfortable right here on your pillow." 

Mama Cat snuggle time = an awesome night. 

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  1. ahhh! miss my kitties!:) my camera sucks....i just upgraded to the evo and love it...better pics than my camera! enjoy the day~


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