Thursday, December 2, 2010

wee bit... Thursday!

better late than never, right? play along with Leigh Ashley over here!

{one} if you were going to a remote place and could only bring one CD, what would it be?
Counting Crows album called Films About Ghosts, definitely. all the good hits.

{two} are you generally more of an optimist, pessimist, or realist?
I'd love to be an optimist, but I'm really not, so I'd say realist. I just think things are what they are... I prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

{three} have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? if not, would you?
no, I value my life.

{four} what spice or seasoning is your favorite?
Old Bay is the BEST seasoning, and I put that shit on everything.

{five} what’s your birthstone? do you like it?
mine is an aquamarine. it’s really light blue. yes, i like it... <---- ditto. :)

{six} do you know what your name means?
my real name means "fit to be loved." my real name is Amanda, but if you ever call me that, I will cut you.

{seven} what is your favorite breakfast cereal?
Fruity Pebbles. nom.

{eight} if there was an extra hour in each day, what would you spend it doing?
reading. I feel like I never have time to read.

{nine} if you could turn any book into a movie, which would it be?
hmm, I would say Odd Thomas, but then again, I don't know if that's such a good idea, because I tend to think that movies don't always live up to my expectations after reading the book.

{ten} if you could go back and play out one day of your life to watch (like scrooge), what day would it be?
my sixteenth birthday party. it was the last one I had with my mom, and she planned a big party with a rented hall, a DJ, and invited all my friends. it was amazing.


  1. wow old bay? i cant even imagine... i am fatally allergic to celery and old bay's first three ingredients would kill me in about 11 minutes... but i hear its some amazing stuff.

    there is even a restaurant in New Orleans that brings out new potatoes boiled in old bay in the place of bread...

    i felt sorry for my table mates because it couldnt even be at my table.

  2. My husband would be right there with you on your CD choice, he loves Counting Crows!
    I've had Old Bay seasoning, but right now I can't even remember what it tastes like! I'll have to re-visit it:)


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