Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Movember [Etsy goods]

it's the middle of Movember
do you know anyone participating?

keep calm

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. I love the mustache a day! haha :D

  2. adam is a movember participant ;] haha! and i think you and i should get the mustache on finger tattoo! baahaha

  3. LOL, these are awesome! Recently I saw a really cute print that said "I'd love to stay and chat, but I really..." and then it had a picture of a mustache (as in "must dash"). It was so cute, and when I read this post just now I tried to find it for you so I could send the link, but now I can't find it:( Oh well, I tried!

  4. @ MrsParker - I'm really contemplating buying it for my husband!

    @Kaley - DUDE. I've been wanting to get that done for a loooong time, but Sean was always against it. I say we do it. what'll they do? divorce us? haha

    @Marygrace - I am not on the hunt for that print... it sounds amazing and definitely something that would fit well in my house! :)

  5. EDIT: now* on the hunt for that print!

  6. YES, Dave is participating & making me crazy!


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