Thursday, November 18, 2010

giving thanks | day fifteen - seventeen

yep, totally cheating by combining three items of thankfulness in one post. but I really need to catch up and guess what? it's my series, so I can do what I want. I find it better to be thankful for little things I can include in one post than to not be thankful at all. ;)

day fifteen - contact lenses/glasses 
obviously, I cannot see without either of these things. in fact, my eyesight is terrifyingly close to being blind. my contact prescription is -5 and legally blind is -8. freakay. one day, I hope to get laser eye surgery, but for now, I have to rely on my contacts and my glasses to allow me to see. I'm thankful that I even have them though, cause I'd be screwed without them. 

day sixteen - makeup products
I love experimenting with makeup - especially eyeshadow and eyeliner. but mostly, I love makeup because it makes me feel pretty and more confident. I know that I look okay without it, but come on... who thinks they actually look better without makeup? not this girl. I don't wear too much, but the little that I do makes me feel awesome. 

day seventeen - hair products/equipment 
luckily, I've been blessed with good hair. it's not too out of control and I can deal with it on a daily basis without doing too much to it. but I really feel like it looks and feels better when I use product in it, whether it be smoothing serum or curl gel. also, I couldn't imagine not being able to blow dry my hair or straighten it when I want to.

all these items help me to feel pretty and more confident on a regular basis. and for that, I'm thankful.

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