Friday, September 3, 2010

a week in review

I am so fucking happy that it's Friday, and more so that it's a three day weekend for most Americans. woo! I'm at home this evening, drinking some wine, while the Mister is out for a guys night. so pardon me if there are any spelling or grammar or "this shit just doesn't make sense" mistakes. it's the wine. 

some highlights from the week:

- Lane finally won HOH on Big Brother, and didn't knock out Brittany when he had the chance. I think she needs to dump her ugly fiance and get together with Lane. they would be incredibly cute together - they have a very similar sense of humor and they're both southerners. what else is there to love?

- I lost THREE motherfucking pounds in a week! it must have been that hour long, oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-die, painful spin class from last week that really pushed that weight off. unfortunately, I had a case of the DOMS after the spin class, so I didn't attend this week. but I DID go to a "begin to spin" class on Wednesday evening after my training sesh, and it was only 30 minutes, so I feel much more successful in that one. either way, three pounds is amazing, and I'm damn proud. it's the biggest jump in weight loss I've seen since I started this journey, and it feels great.

- my little (okay... he's not little... he's like 6'-2") brother turned 22 years old yesterday. it's really hard to believe we're all growing up. I remember our childhood like it was yesterday... we'd go hiking back in the woods to a little clearing accompanied by a big lake and try to scope out animals. we'd play in the creek until we were FILTHY, and we'd end the night by jumping up and down on the bed yelling out cuss words. don't worry, we got the appropriate punishment - soap in the mouf. we were partners in crime, and I'm so fortunate to have him. 

- I got a chance to host my very first giveaway on my little corner of the web right here! there's still plenty of time to enter - I'll be closing the contest next Wednesday, September 8th, at 4:00PM EST. check it out! 

- speaking of blogging, I finally got completely caught up on reading all the posts in my Google Reader. I've been struggling to keep up with everything since we got back from our (internet-less) vacation. when I got back home to check in on what I missed, I was faced with almost 400 blogs to read. AHH! (REAL MONSTERS!) sadly, I made the decision to unsubscribe to a few blogs that I just didn't have much interest in, but I'm happy to say that I currently only have 30 new posts to read... quite the accomplishment! 

- this one is not a highlight, but more of a rant. 5 minutes ago, Bear (yeah, that cute guy over there ---> to the right) just spilled my half filled cup (yes... that's CUP, not glass... I'm home alone and I refuse to do dishes) of wine ALL over the floor. THE WHOLE THING. on the floor. and not in my MOUTH. needless to say, we are not on speaking terms right now.

- my boss (aka my dad) told us (us being the entire office, which consists of a mere 5 people) that we could bring in wine or beer to celebrate Labor Day today. I'm the only person who brought in a bottle of wine. and the only person who really consumed it. yikes.

Happy Friday!


  1. omgggg i am SO glad someone else wants lane and brit to get together!!! LOVE them together! She needs to dump her sweaty fiance'!

    anddd a HUGE congrats on losing three pounds!!! That's craaazy in one week!!! :D

  2. 3 pounds is awesome! I have one of those little (6'-3") brothers as well. Bad kitty! Your dad is an awesome boss, I am quite sure my company would not approve of that awesome Friday treat!


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