Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 06/30

Day 06/30 - whatever tickles your fancy

you know what tickles my fancy? white sand, clear blue water, sunny skies, palm trees, and most importantly... my husband. I'm going to do a post about our honeymoon today. I can't recall if I've ever talked about our honeymoon here at TBNT. with the weather getting cooler and fall making it's way to us, I find myself missing Hawaii more and more everyday. I'm only going to chronicle the first part of our honeymoon... there are far too many pictures to put in one post.
we flew to Honolulu on the Monday after our wedding. I wore my very appropriate "ALOHA" shirt from Forever 21, courtesy of my maid of honor. our flight left at 7AM, so we had to be at the airport by 5. despite the early hour, I was SO excited and somehow wide awake. 

excited newlyweds. also, this was on our 3 hour flight to Houston, so we weren't really aware of how tiring the next 8 hour flight would be. 

ring shot! 

we finally landed in Honolulu and picked up our rental car at the airport (Ford Mustang convertible, if you're curious) and headed to Hilton Hawaiian Village to check in. 

immediately, we were blown away by the view from our balcony. GORGEOUS. 

our first night in Hawaii, we were exhausted from the flight and the time change, so instead of exploring the resort, we decided to order room service. filet mignon? loaded baked potato? strawberry cheesecake? yes please! 


because of jet lag, we were passed out by 8PM, and therefore wide awake by 7AM. we took a little roam around the resort to check it out. flamingos and penguins and koi fish! BLOWN. AWAY. 

after breakfast, we headed to the beach. I will never ever enjoy a beach as much as I did this one in Hawaii. it was so beautiful and peaceful. it even started raining a little bit while we were there, but it didn't even matter.

so that's it for the first part of the honeymoon posts here at TBNT. stayed tuned for the rest of the pictures, which will probably follow with each "whatever tickles your fancy" prompt from the 30 Day Challenge

Happy Sunday, readers!


  1. Hololulu looks amazing! The penguins and flamingos are really neat - it must have been fun to watch them. I also really like both you and your husbands rings.

  2. I'm so jealous every time I see your honeymoon pictures. Hawaii looks beautiful.

    I love your ring by the way!

  3. Ah, is it crazy that your pics make me so happy I chose to get married there?


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