Thursday, September 9, 2010

injury prone

this is what happens when you try to be a social butterfly while attempting to work out. 

hmm, not very noticeable in this picture. 

what about this one?

oh yeah, that's better. and yes, I did take this picture while sitting on the toilet at work. don't worry, I wasn't poopin, I just dropped my drawers to take this picture to show off my battle wound.

last week, I started taking a 30 minute spin class as opposed to the hour long one I took a few weeks ago. I don't think I mentioned it here, but I had the DOMS really bad after that hour long spin class. I literally could NOT bend my legs for two days without being in an immense amount of pain. obviously, I pushed myself too hard and should not have started my cardio adventure with an entire HOUR of high intensity cycling. 

anyway. so I did the 30 minute "Begin To Spin" class last Wednesday evening and I loved it. I mean, really loved it. I felt really comfortable with the instructor and the other people in the class, and I felt GREAT afterward. I could actually walk the next day, which was a huge relief, given my previous experience. 

I'd also like to mention that this 30 minute class is directly after my one hour training sessions that I have with my trainer on Wednesday nights, so not only am I getting my cardio in, but I've been strength training for an hour prior to the class. and it STILL feels great.

last night I returned for the 30 minute spin class, and to my surprise, the class was full. like, there were no more bikes available, even though my name was on the sign in sheet. luckily, a girl whom I've come to know through the spin classes offered me her bike. she takes the hour long spin class twice a week (brave girl!) along with the 30 minute class, so she said she didn't really need to cycle. thank goodness for sweet people, because I was really looking forward to that class! 

as the class was going, I was on a roll. I was doing all the exercises and keeping my resistance knob turned up to a position I was comfortable with, but still felt like I was getting a good workout. I was feeling like a motherfucking rockstar! well at one point, I turned around to talk to a girl behind me (who was also in last week's class). WHILE I WAS STILL PEDALING AWAY. and I must have turned my leg to the left with the rest of my body and then BAM! my knee slams against the resistance knob. of course, I played it off like it was no big deal, but I was writhing in pain on the inside. 

and then that little beaut of a bruise shows up today. lesson learned. don't try to play when you're supposed to be working. gosh, I'm a fucking idiot sometimes. I mean really, who injures themselves on a stationary bike? 

this girl.


  1. haha this made me laugh. not the fact that you got a bruise, but because you took the pic on the toilet hahah.
    have a great thursday!

  2. I agree, the throne pic is classic! I can honestly picture this happening. I used to work at a gym and the crazy ways people managed to injure themselves would blow your mind. I once saw a girl get thrown right off the end of a treadmill cause she was too busy lookin' around! I hope your knee feels better soon :)

  3. I can't decide which I would do more. Get hurt on the bike or take the picture on the toilet!! :D
    You're inspiring me to jumpstart getting back into the gym after my wedding. Usually I hear girls are all about starving and gym crazed before their wedding..not so much the case with this girl :P


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