Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 11/30

Day 11/30 - a photo of you taken recently

sorry folks, I won't be blogging much today. I'm at home in bed with a serious migraine headache. I blame my mom for these terrible things. she used to get them ALL the time, and I hear they're hereditary. it's taking a lot of energy just to keep my eyes open, so I'll get right to the challenge. 

this picture was taken Saturday, August 21st. we were on our way to meet up with friends at the Redskins/Ravens preseason game at FedEx Field. (it was taken with my cell phone, hence the crappy quality). fall is here, and so is football season! I can't wait for the Skins first regular season game on Sunday, against the Cowboys. should be a good one! I just hope the Redskins pull out a win against our arch nemesis. ;)

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Happy Friday, loves!


  1. i'm so proud of your recent dedication to blogging ;] get well soon lovey!

  2. I hope that your headache is gone by now :(
    Go Cowboys! (sorry had to say it...)


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