Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 12/30

Day 12/30 - whatever tickles your fancy

last time I did a "whatever tickles your fancy" prompt, I walked you through the first part of our honeymoon in Hawaii. well, I figured I might as well finish that before I move on to something else that tickles my fancy. last time we left off with pictures of the beach outside the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where we spent a few nights. 

now, here's the sad part. I lost my camera charger and couldn't find it before we left for Hawaii, which means my camera was on the verge of dying the entire time we were there... so I didn't take that many pictures after the first couple days. there were quite a few days where I didn't take pictures at all, which fucking SUCKS, but... it is what it is. 

Mai Tai's at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Dinner @ a local burger place

view from our room at night

and finally... Turtle Bay Resort. have you seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? yeah, that place. we stayed there for the last leg of our honeymoon, and it was absolute paradise. I fully intend on staying there again when we get a chance to visit Hawaii again. 

unfortunately, the weather was craptastic when we arrive at Turtle Bay, so the pictures I have of the resort are kinda horrible.

Birds of Paradise = my favorite flower.

halfway through our trip, we went cage diving with sharks. it was awesome. I don't have any underwater pictures, because, uh... I still haven't had the disposable cameras developed. lazy. 

welp, that's it for today's prompt! next time I land on a "whatever tickles your fancy" day, I'll post all the pictures I took with my cell phone, which are a lot more interesting than the ones I took with my camera. I was trying to save my camera battery by not using it a lot, but my cell phone got LOTS of use! 

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Happy Sunday, and LET'S GO REDSKINS!


  1. Great photos! The sunset one is my favorite!!

  2. I got nervous about the shark just from looking at your pictures! Get those pics developed woman!


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