Wednesday, September 8, 2010

eye candy, special edition

ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to give you the viewing pleasure (meaning, you might just jizz in your pants) that is Jax Teller. he is the rebelling, bad ass, sexy, and tough main character of Sons of Anarchy. 

and I will MARRY HIM ONE DAY. yes, I know I'm already married. I don't care. I would divorce Sean in a heartbeat for this man. 

let's just get on to the pictures, so you can further understand my irresponsible desire for a fictional character:

Charlie Hunnam proves that he is delicious, sans his Jax Teller character.

Sons of Anarchy - Tuesday @ 10PM - channel FX
three words for you right now. 
nom. nom. NOM. 

you're welcome!

[all images via google image search]


  1. holy lord. that last picture.. without the facial hair. omg. I thought he was hot before but I'm totally in love now!

  2. You just became my new favorite blogger friend. Every Tuesday night I sit around with 4 guys .. making them believe I'm there for the kickass show. Even though the show is heart stops a little every time Jax comes on screen. And maybe a little drool..on my shirt.
    However - I have to kindly disagree and say the facial here is the best part!! :D (Not that without it he's any less irresistibly delicious)

  3. he is the perfect amount of pretty boy and badass mixed together. oh my.

  4. he doesn't tickle my fancy ... and i think i'm the ONLY girl that feels that way about him ... AND think me weirrrd - BUT - i think he looks like Ed (you know, your hubs best friend!)

  5. oh he looks amazing with OR without face fuzz!

    Kaley, you're nuts! I guess he resembles Ed with the blond hair, but he's SO much sexier on the show. it's not just about his looks, but his character too. :)

  6. hahaha..i gotta agree with kaley on this one. he kinda does look like ed.

  7. the boyfriend got me watching SOA last year and Jax definitely kept me coming back to watch every week, SO HOT!


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