Wednesday, September 8, 2010

giveaway winner!

I just wanted to thank you all for entering my giveaway this past week! I wish I could give you all a print from Vol25, but the truth is, MandeeFoFandee ain't rich! 
but we do have one lucky lady! 
and the winner is (drum roll please)...

Stephanie @ ... and baby makes five! she said: 

... which makes me think I will definitely be doing giveaways more often, if only for an ego boost!

and for proof of her earned winnings...
congratulations, Steph! 
I'll be emailing you tomorrow to get your address so I can send off a pretty print to you! thanks again to all my readers out there... you guys are awesome!


  1. chhh! i am JEALOUS! but go steph! i'm pretty sure this is her FIRST giveaway win! :)

  2. omg reallyyyyy?!?! I'm going to start complimenting people waaaaay more often ;) haha! Thanks so much for doing this awesome giveaway, I'm so excited!! This IS my first giveaway win!!! :D Totally just made me day!!!


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