Tuesday, August 24, 2010

things that make me say "huh?"

why anyone would think it'd be a good idea to create a movie about killer piranhas. sure, I understand that they're kinda scary, being that they're fucking hideous and have crazy sharp teeth. but giant piranhas that pull people out of rafts and jump out of the water to attack a human? come ON. not only is it a ridiculous concept, but I'm sure the plot will be the same as most "horror" movies - a group of friends that get picked off, and some rightfully so, because of their stupid actions and inability to think like an intelligent human being. it's like the girl who wanders outside to check out a strange noise she heard through the window. that movie looks absolutely absurd, and I wouldn't waste the time OR money to watch it. ever. mark my word. 

 image via google images

PS - yes, I realize it is a re-make of the original 1978 production. that doesn't make it any better. it was stupid then, and it's stupid now. 


women who have spic and span (and wonderfully decorated) homes, who also have children. I can barely keep up with my house - the dishes, the laundry, the dusting, the decor, the sweeping... and I don't even have children. AND I don't cook. so to those women who do all the household chores, keep their homes clean, and take care of little ones - kudos to all of you! I mean honestly, when I get home from work (or the gym), I get home, maybe do a chore or two, eat dinner, watch a little TV, and go to bed. and trust me, some of those chores don't always get done. by the time I get home from working an 8-9 hour day, going to the gym, and driving home, I am EXHAUSTED. I can't even imagine how much harder it will be when we decide to procreate. 

  images via Full House - Christina has triplet boys and twin girls! amazing!


people who go to a concert and don't dance. I'm not talking about classical concerts or symphonies. I'm talking about rock and country concerts. if you enjoy the artist enough to buy tickets to see them live, why not have a good time and shake your ass? I've been to countless concerts where I end up sitting next to bumps on a log who literally just SIT THERE while the artist is jamming out! maybe it's just me, but if I hear awesome music (especially live music), I can't help but get up and dance, or at least nod my head and tap my feet. so for you party poopers - next time you go to a concert, get up and dance! not only will you have a great time, but you'll get a little workout too!

image via Kaley @ a tale of three poags - from The Offspring/311 concert. obviously dancing.


socks with sandals. this shit really bothers me. here's the thing - I HATE socks. I hate close toed shoes. I hate when my feet feel confined in any way, shape, or form. also, the whole point of wearing sandals is to have your feet exposed. and the whole concept of socks is to keep your feet warm and covered. they just contradict each other - they do NOT go together at all. if you want to cover your feet, wear sneaks. if you'd like to wear open shoes, wear sandals, while barefoot. there is absolutely no logical explanation to wearing sandals and socks together. if you want to keep your feet warm, don't bother spending money on sandals! 

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ditto ditto ditto to the party poopers one! I hate that.

  2. BAHAHAHA i just laughed my ass off :D LOVE it!!!! i totally agree with everything - especially the superwomen one!!! i just don't get it! where is my gene! haha

  3. i recall you saying this to me: "I don't mind reading books or seeing movies that are recommended to me, whether I end up liking them or not."

    i'm going to go ahead and recommend for you to see piranha 3-D.

  4. Socks and sandals are ridiculous!!! I feel like only old men should be allowed to wear that, but even then, they will be pointed at and laughed.

    I don't plan on seeing that stupid movie either. Looks so stupid!!


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