Friday, August 6, 2010

Operation: Working Vacation

Well folks, the time has come. We're leaving bright and early tomorrow for our beach trip to Ocean City, Maryland and will be gone for an entire week! and no, I haven't even STARTED packing yet. I have a very detailed list of things I need to pack, so I'm hoping to get out of work a teensy bit early so I can get a head start. Sean wants to leave the house by 6:30AM tomorrow, so I've got my work cut out for me.

We'll be celebrating our anniversary on Sunday, by having a whole day at the beach, and probably grubbin' on some crabs in the evening. and I'm really crossing my fingers that our condo has HBO, cause I'm not trying to miss True Blood! 

one of my best friends and her boyfriend are also going to be at the beach next week, and are staying only 3 streets away from us, so we'll be spending lots of time with Kaycie & Adam. Kaycie's birthday is on Monday, so we'll be fishing all day and pulling the boat up to Seacrets for drinks that night. as an anniversary gift for my hubs, I reserved him a spot to go skydiving on Wednesday. I will be standing safely on the ground, but he will be jumping out of a plane! 

When we get back home on the 14th, we're not going to have too much time to rest. the next day, we're driving up to Jiffy Lube Live to see Tom Petty in concert! we've got third row seats, so I'm super stoked! =D 

I hope to have some exciting things to blog about when I return, including my attempt at the 12 Weeks To Better Photography program with my good friend, Kaley. I'll also post about that chicken/mozzarella/asparagus recipe I posted about last week (it was delicious, by the way). I'm not sure if our condo has wireless Internet, but I might check in from my phone if I can figure out how to do it on this piece, haha. 

PS - Kaley is hosting an awesome giveaway over @ a tale of three poags. you have a chance to win a Scentsy plug-in warmer and THREE scents of your choice! Kathy introduced me to Scentsy, and thanks to her, my house always smells great. the plug-ins are kid friendly and the scents last a really long time. head over to Kaley's place to check it out, and take a look at Kathy's blog for her Scentsy website information! 

Anytits, I hope everyone has a great week! I will miss you all. Try not to blog too much while I'm gone, because I'm already behind by 228 blog posts in my Reader! 

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy August 7-14th.  

Hearts & Farts, 


  1. Tom Petty? Jealous! He's Phil's favourite person ever.

  2. You must come back and report on the Tom Petty show. That is on my "must see" list and somehow I missed getting tickets.


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