Wednesday, August 4, 2010

eye candy

Eye Candy this week is of the different sort, but I'm sure I won't hear any complaining. :)

 Nick Hexum

Alexander Skarsgard aka Eric Northman

Andy Whitfield aka Spartacus

Joe Manganiello aka Alcide Herveaux

Robert Pattinson

Josh Turner

Gerard Butler

Brad Sorenson (Next Food Network Star)

Happy Hump Day, ladies! ;)


  1. hahaha..i can't believe you never knew the wonders of nick hexum before you went to the 311 concert. he was even hotter when he was younger!

  2. holy shit, I am completely in love with him now.

  3. Looks like we have the exact same taste in men. :)

  4. minus the last dude - and gerard [although he's okayyyyyy] - ours would be the EXACT same. and what an amazing picture of mr. 311. drooling over here.
    little did you know ... i'm under those covers with eric northman. nom!

  5. This is a great pick me up. We have almost the exact same tastes.

  6. I LOVE Gerard Butler. **drool**

  7. all i have to stay....haha yummmmmmm!


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