Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 02/30

Day 02/30 - your favorite movie

sadly, this prompt falls into the same category as the first, which means I have a few favorites. I can't wait to get to the nitty gritty stuff on the 30 Day Challenge, where I can expand more on my explanations, and not just name something. 

for sake of not making this post just a list of movies, I'm going to name a movie that has ALWAYS been one of my favorites, and for good reason. 

Seven, which was released back in 1995 (I cannot believe it's been that long!), is the story of a serial killer (Kevin Spacey) who offs his victims according to a deadly sin that they commit. Detectives Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and Mills (Brad Pitt) are assigned to the case, and try to track the killer down before he gets the chance to kill another person, all while being taunted by the psychopath himself.

I guess I should say it's really the story of the detectives that makes the movie intriguing. Brad Pitt plays Detective Mills, who is just beginning his career in law enforcement, while Morgan Freeman, as Detective Somerset, is only days away from retirement. the way they handle the case together, given their different backgrounds and levels of experience, makes for great character interaction.
I've mentioned before that I have a strange affection for all things gory and demented, and this movie is no different. the way Kevin Spacey kills his victims in the movie is absolutely pure torture, but I can't get enough of it. 

the plot is amazing, and unfortunately, the detectives find themselves wrapped up in "John Doe's" game. Spacey is portrayed as a true sociopath, and he justifies his murders with the explanation of society's ignorance and his great responsibility to rid the world of these sinners.

if you haven't seen this movie yet, I am commanding you to watch it. right now. go! but, if you don't like blood and gore and horrific torture methods, it might be best if you just read the synopsis, found here.

Happy Tuesday!

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