Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 01/30

Day 01/30 - your favorite song

I'm going to have to pick my most recent favorite song, because I honestly don't have a favorite song EVER. I enjoy so many different types of music and have loved so many songs that I can't possibly pick one all time favorite. but I'm absolutely thrilled to share my most recent favorite... I've been wanting to blog about it anyway, so now's the perfect time!

If I Die Young- The Band Perry
[read the lyrics here]

this song is so, so, so beautiful. it's a morbid concept to sing about, I suppose, but the lyrics are beautiful and the harmony and tone of Kimberly Perry's voice is just perfect. the band actually consists of three Perry siblings (Kimberly, Reid, and Neil), and together, they each bring something different to the band that just WORKS.

 [image courtesy of The Band Perry website]

I can't explain how this song makes me feel. it just makes me feel... content. like it's perfectly okay to speak about death and how you'd want to go out when it's your time to go. now, I don't believe in higher spirits or religion or God... given that fact, you'd think it would be difficult for me to relate to some of the lyrics, but it's not. I can understand the want and need to become something wonderful when you die, and the longing to make an impression on the world to ensure that you're remembered.

 [image courtesy of The Band Perry website]

anyway, so that's my favorite song as of late, and I watch the video on YouTube at least three times a day, and I even walk around the house singing it. if you'd like to see the video, play the video below! enjoy!

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  1. my friend just got a job as their tour sound guy!

  2. dude, that is awesome! I would LOVE to hear them live!


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