Monday, May 10, 2010

kitchen floors!

I mentioned in this post that we finally have new kitchen floors. they don't match the rest of the wood in the house (it's technically not even wood, it's laminate), but that's alright - I think they look fantastic!

keep in mind that we're still in the middle of renovations and remodeling, so there's CRAP everywhere.

sadly, these are the ONLY before pictures I have of the ugly ass flooring that was previously in our home. I took these when we bought that new microwave rack. I meant to take pictures before the contractors started working, but the guy called me on a Monday evening and they were on scene the next morning. good timing for us, but not so much for proof of hideous flooring. ;)

so just imagine this gross yellowish linoleum ALL over my kitchen

our contractor referred us to this flooring discount store, where we chose this material. like I mentioned in the linked post above, we were positive that it matched the rest of the floors in the house... but it doesn't. so, without further adieu, here are our brand spankin' new floors! I'm going to do a budget run down once everything is completed... it always helps me to see how inexpensive renovations and DIY work can cost, so hopefully I'll be able to proved the same motivation for others.

oh yeah, don't mind the cats that appear in these photos... they're kind of hard to avoid around here. a couple other things to ignore: the curtain over the sink window, the dying roses by the sink, the vertical blinds, the uncovered baseboard heating, the towel rack on top of the cabinets, the litter box in the corner - all to be changed in due time.

that reminds me... does anyone have any good tips on hiding litter boxes? I hate having them out in the open, but I don't have a spare room or anything to put them in if we have company.

here's the difference between the kitchen floors (on the left) and the floors that run through the rest of the first level of the house (on the right, obviously).

aaaand here we are in the middle of out cabinet reformation. all the doors were removed from the bases, and there's CRAP everywhere. it's driving me crazy, but I really can't wait until everything's completed! just the floors alone make for a brand new room, so I'm thrilled to see what kind of room will appear after crisp white cabinets and sleek new counter tops appear.

so there you have it - our new floors and the proof that I'm not being a lazy ass when it comes to my cabinets any longer! I can't claim that I've actually done any work yet, because Mr. FoFandee just started the sanding today, but I fully intend on being an equal part of this project.

stayed tuned into TBNT for more updates and hopefully a reveal in the near future!

I will be undergoing a root canal on Thursday afternoon, so I won't be around much through the weekend. I'm still posting Wedding Wednesday this week, so no worries!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


  1. The floors look awesome! I can barely tell the difference between the rest of the house and the new flooring!
    We have our litter box in the basement (do you have a basement?) and when we were in the apartment it was hidden in the front hall closet. The basement works great because we don't go down there much, besides to do laundry - which is when I clean the litter box, as well. :D

  2. whomp whomp, no basements in Shady Side - we're too close to the water! I saw on someone's blog the other day... they refinished a cabinet and cut a hole in the side for the litter box... genius!

  3. The floors look amazing! Can't wait to see your progress with the cabinets.


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