Monday, March 8, 2010

raccoons, bats, and gators - oh my!

I think I may have a new favorite cheesy TV show.

Billy the Exterminator.

I know, I know, it's ridiculous, but I swear to baby jesus, it is HILARIOUS. I love the extreme redneck of the family... especially Billy's stylish mullet. it's spiky and highlighted... not your run of the mill redneck head wear.

cute wittle fox face! love it!

another reason I'm drawn to the show is because not only does it involve animals that others may consider pests (I obviously think they're adorbs), but he doesn't just go in and kill everything. if he's removing critters (I really think this word may enter itself into my regular vocabulary) such as opossums, raccoons, or bats, he takes them out of the infested area and relocates them somewhere else.

the show follows the family owned pest removal company that is based in Louisiana. AND. ZOMG, there's alligators. I've mentioned before that alligators make the top 3 list of my favorite animals, so it's fucking awesome to see this redneck take a big man killing machine and relocate it to a safer and less populated environment.

I've only seen a couple of last season's episodes, and I'm hooked. it's so deliciously trashy that I simply cannot turn away. oh A&E, you buncha geniuses.

yeah. that's pretty much all I have to write about tonight. I'll have a weekend update complete with pictures from the Caps game at some point tomorrow.

PS - was anyone else SUPER RELIEVED when Jeff & Jordan arrived last at the pit stop on Amazing Race to find out that it was a non-elimination leg of the race? I thought I was going to shit myself at the thought of them being sent home.


  1. yes - to jeff&jordan <333333
    annnnnd second - you're a queer critter. that dudes spiked mullet is awesome! noooot! ;]

  2. i swear to god, you LOVE backwards ass rednecks who have no shame in being such.

    also, come with me to florida one can get your fill of alligators considering they walk around our neighborhood like it ain't no thang. ask me how fucked up it is to come home from a late night of partying only to see a gigantic fucking reptile crossing your driveway ten feet in front of you.

  3. @ Renee - I really do love rednecks. I think I have a soft spot for them, since half of my dad's family is PURE white trash. I'm not even joking a little bit. also, I want to see alligators in FL. right now.

    haha @ Kaley - I was totally joking about the mullet! but J&J better get their shit together... if they scare me like that again, I may boycott them.


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