Tuesday, March 9, 2010

take that, Pottery Barn.

I was browsing Target's home section last night (online, of course) and stumbled upon the deal of a lifetime. okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away, but it definitely looks like I may get to have a replica of the Pottery Barn Samantha Bench after all.

Samantha Bench @ Pottery Barn

this little diddy is pretty similar to my coveted Samantha, and HALF THE FUCKING PRICE at only $199.00. and. AND. it comes with the cushion and three baskets... that I would have to buy separately at PB. thank youuuu, Tarjay!

I'm going to convince Mr. MandeeFoFandee that this will be a tax refund investment that will be absolutely necessary. I need this bench. seriously, I've been staring at it for so long, I need to have this in my house.

I found some other little decor items (and not so little ones too) during my window shopping at Target. if only I were a millionaire. scratch that... I could totally get away with being a thousandaire and have my home completely furnished and decorated with Target items.

Contemporary Floating Mirror - $99.99
for my living room

Kira Vases - White - $19.99-$49.99
for my bedroom

Magnolia Shower Curtain - out of stock - boooo!
for my... bathroom... surprise!

Hutch-Style Buffet - $295.99
kitchen/dining, obviously.

Westmont Collection Tall Bookcase - $169.99
for the other side of the entryway

Concepts Flora Vista Woven Rug - 3'-11" x 5'-3" - $109.99
also for the entryway

ahh. a girl can dream, right?


  1. All of those are great finds. We almost bought a similar buffet/hutch at Ikea but I talked Paul out of it - not really nessesary for us for $300!

    PS I like the Target Bench as much or more than the Pottery Barn bench!

  2. Yay! So glad you found the bench for a better price.

  3. Don't forget to check Overstock.com for furniture, they are notorious for having knock-offs of 'higher end' things!


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