Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what's the deal, Bloglovin?

here is a quick summary of the last few days:

Sean: did you hear that Google Reader is shutting down?
Me: WHAT?! no! what the hell!
Sean: yeah, looks like you gotta find something else to organize all your blogs.

with some detective work, I see that most of my favorite blogs are (or already have) switching over to Bloglovin. I take a gander, a sneak peek, if you will, at the future home of my blogs.

I see a link that says I can transfer all of my daily reads (see also: precious gems) from Google Reader to Bloglovin. "SWEET, that'll make life so much easier," I think to myself.

and then I click the link. and nothing happens. I get sent back to the home page, which is telling me "sorry, bitch. you don't have any blogs to read. CLICK HERE AND ADD SOME THOUGH."

so naturally, I go back through this action about 284 more times before I finally click "help" and send a message to whoever is running that shitshow over there. and now it's been three days... I've yet to hear anything.

for the love of Julia Roberts, please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing problems with this. thankfully I have a few months to figure it out before all my favorite blogs disappear into the black hole that is Google Reader.



  1. Ahhh I haven't dug that far in yet because I have my favorite blogs memorized but I need to figure that out too

  2. I haven't tried to move all of my google reader subscriptions over to blog lovin' yet! Sorry you're running into such annoying issues. BOOO! But on the upside, blog lovin' is pretty cool! I've been enjoying using it so far!

    1. I just ended up adding most of them manually, which was actually nice because I'd been meaning to weed out some of the blogs I don't really keep up with anymore. hate when that happens, but I can't see myself caring about a fashion blog anymore when I rarely wear something other than yoga pants. :/

  3. Weird... it did do it automatically for me. You can do it manually - but that would take forever. Hopefully whoever is running it over there will get back at you!

    I definitely am loving the bloglovin'. I always used my Dashboard and didn't like Google Reader for the reading part. But I'm really enjoying Bloglovin' right now!

  4. Sorry you are having issues with it! I didn't use the automatic button! I just used it as an opportunity to go through all the blogs and get rid of ones I don't read anymore. I just typed the name of the blog in the search window on bloglovin' and added the blogs one at a time. It's kind of nice because I had blogger blogs in google reader, then had another list of blogs that were hosted on blogger linked somewhere else. With bloglovin', they are all in one place now!


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