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round up: cloth diapering - the newborn stage

if you choose to cloth diaper your baby from the beginning, you'll want to invest in some newborn size diapers before moving to the one size options. some people decide to just wait until the baby can fit into one size diapers. we chose to do it from the get-go and Ronin was in his first CD at 10 days old. 

after talking with several cloth diapering mamas, I decided to buy a few different kinds of diapers to figure out which would work best for us. some people prefer pocket diapers, some prefer all-in-ones (or AIOs), and some prefer fitteds and prefolds. because I had no idea what Ronin would be like (skinny legs, chunky waist, heavy wetter, etc), I figured the best idea would be to have a variety. for a low down on all things cloth diaper related, check out Laura's cloth diaper blog. she was extremely helpful when I consulted her regarding our stash and other sorts of CD related questions.

prefolds are most like the old-school cloth diapers that your parents or grandparents may have used. they are simple to use - you can either fold it into thirds and lay it inside a cover, or you can use a Snappi and fold it onto the baby. you can check out different ways to fold a prefold diaper here

1. Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds (6)
perfect prefolds in the newborn stage. lasted until Ronin was about 12lbs.

larger than the newborn size, great quality and absorption. still use them today, but days are limited; need to size up.

if you choose to use prefolds, you will need some Snappis. they take the place of previously used safety pins to fasten diapers in place. they are incredibly easy to use and come in fun colors. 


because prefolds (and fitteds) are usually made of cotton and are not covered with a PUL outer layer, a cover is needed to keep baby's clothes dry. I bought a few of them to have some variety, but you really don't need many. we've only had 4-5 leaks onto the covers and only then so you need to wash it. 

love this cover; fit my chicken legged boy perfectly. have the celery dot pattern. 

bought these in super brite green and blueberry dot; LOVE them. aplix is durable as long as you use laundry tabs as needed.  

6. Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap (2) 
favorite diaper/cover brand so far; come in 2 sizes (size 1 fit up to 18lbs, size 2 fit up to 35-40lbs); still using the two size 1 covers I have over prefolds at six months (16lbs). 

7. Thirsties Diaper Cover (2)
bought 2 of the aplix covers as well (extra small); aplix provides more custom fit on baby. lasted until Ronin was about 3 months. 


I wanted to try a variety of diapers to see what system would work best for us, and honestly? I loved them all and I still use a bunch of different kinds of diapers today, from prefolds and fitteds, to all-in-ones (AIOs), and pockets.

8. Kissaluvs Newborn All-In-One (3)
wonderful for NB stage; snap down in front for umbilical cord, unbleached fleece lining. lasted until Ronin was 3 months old. 

9. Kissaluvs Fleece Fitted Diaper (4)
hands down my favorite NB diaper! snap down in front for umbilical cord, soft fleece, easy to use for first timers. had two unbleached, one yellow, one blue; lasted until Ronin was 5 MONTHS OLD. 

note: this diaper does not come with a PUL outer layer and needs a cover on top of it.

10. Lil Joeys All-In-One (2)
cutest teeny tiny AIO; snap down in front for umbilical cord; very absorbent; comes in a big variety of colors. had two in platinum; lasted until Ronin was 3 months old or so.  

11. GMD Workhorse Fitted Diaper (2)
no closure option works well with Snappi; custom fit for babies of all size; 100% cotton. bought two orange edge (NB size); lasted until he was about 2 months old. 
I loved these so much that I bought 4 of the next size instead of 2. we still use them in daily rotation. 

note: this diaper does not come with a PUL outer layer and needs a cover on top of it.


so there you have it; those are the ins and outs of my newborn stash. what works for us certainly won't work for everyone. I know several moms who prefer having one kind of diaper versus having a large variety. every baby and family is different, so keep that in mind when doing your research. 

Happy Cloth Diapering!

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