Monday, March 4, 2013

registry must haves [play!]

hands down, Ronin's favorite car seat toy. my aunt told me that red is the first color that babies see, so that may have something to do with it. the bottom legs are crinkly, so he loves squeezing them. 

I'm pretty sure all mobile gyms are one in the same, but we really liked this one. it plays music and the actual mobile moves in a circle. before Ronin could reach the toys, he liked watching the lights blinking while laying on the mat. all the toys are different too - one is a rattle, one has little links attached to it, and another is a mirror. he still plays with this today, just from a different perspective than laying on his back. 

fact: babies love tags. if you give them a stuffed animal, they will search for the tag. these blankies are nice and soft and the tags are brightly colored.

I know that some people think that Sophie is a glorified dog toy, but we love her. the rubber is smooth and soft, and it has numerous parts for him to chew on. in the beginning, he loved chewing on her legs & feet, but now that he's bigger, he shoves her whole face in his mouth.

this toy is great and I think it was one of the first toys that Ronin was actually grasp and play with. it's design makes it easy for tiny hands to grip and babies like the fun rattle sound. 

my BFF bought this for Ronin when he was one month old. I would hold it above him and move it around and he would be absolutely captivated by it. the bold patterns and colors really stand out to young babies and help develop vision as well as encourage eye-tracking. 

I remember one night when we were trying to get Ronin to sleep in the early days... I think he was a week or two old, if that. he was so upset and we had no idea what was wrong... he was fed and had a clean diaper, so we thought he was just tired, but was so stubborn and wouldn't sleep. 

I remembered that we had this seahorse in the package upstairs in his room. I sprinted up the stairs and tore it from the cardboard and put it next to him as I carried him around the house. I shit you not, the silence was almost INSTANT. he loved the music and the soft glow that the seahorse provided, and we used it to help him sleep every night for those first few months. 

even though he doesn't really pay much attention to it now, it provided invaluable sleep in the early days of sleep deprivation. 

this is Ovie the Octopus and he is Ronin's best friend in the entire world (besides me, of course). this guy is awesome. he plays music and water sounds and some of his legs are crinkly, so naturally, babies love him. he has some teething toys attached to him as well. he goes everywhere with us and I think he will be a part of Ronin's life for a long time. there are different sea animals on his tentacles and they are labeled in English and Spanish, so it's something that we will use to teach him things down the road as well. 

our Giraffe's name is Gerard and he is a staple for nap and bed time. we love the white noise that he makes and Ronin sometimes likes to suck on his ears to soothe himself to sleep. weeeeeirdo. anyway, he is awesome and the only thing that would make him better is if he played noise longer than 45 minutes. 

and because I can't help myself, here's Ronin enjoying all of these products:

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