Sunday, March 3, 2013

registry must haves [bath time]

I received many bath towels as gifts at my shower. this towel is, hands down, my favorite. it's soooo soft and soaks up water like an adult bath towel. I find some of the others are quite thin, almost like a tea towel. 

this little floating thermometer is great. I just plop it in the tub when I'm filling it up and check it before I put Ronin in for his bath. it tells me if the water is Cold, Ideal, or Hot. easy peasy. 

softest washcloths on the planet. end of story. 

a friend gave me one of these under the advice of her sister, and it is one of my favorite and most used unexpected gifts. the cup is nice and soft so that you can rest against baby's head and rinse out shampoo without getting water all over his face. honestly? I just like the cup. I still put my hand across his forehead to block the water, haha. however, the cup itself is huge and I use it for rinsing all the soap off of him. I feel comfortable letting him play with (and inevitably chew on) the cup while I'm washing him.

pretty obvious why this is needed, right? to protect little heads from a hard and possibly sharp faucet. we haven't had an issue with this yet since Ronin is still only 6 months old, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. 

I love the California Baby line because the product is free of yucky chemicals that have no business being in baby products. the lotion is nice and thin and therefore, dries quickly... which comes in handy when you have a naked baby that need pajamas on... don't wanna dress him while he's still lotion-y! oh, and it smells fantastic. 

this little towel is shaped like a frog and it fits over baby so that he can stay warm while taking a bath (best used for newborns). you just dunk the towel in warm water and place it over the baby. Ronin enjoyed chewing on the frog's legs a lot. 

again, it only contains organic ingredients, and smells divine. I'm unsure as to whether the formula actually calms babies, as it's the only kind we've used. I think that babies are generally calmed by bath time anyway, so I can't provide a review on that aspect. 

it's not the stylish Puj Tub, and it is a bit of an eye sore, but I love this tub. it fits right in the sink for those newborn baby baths and then can be placed inside the tub once baby is a little bigger. it's designed to be used from birth until the baby can sit in the bathtub unassisted. it's easy to fill, easy to drain, and has a little compartment to keep his soap and wash cloth(s). the only con is that it takes up a lot of room, but considering my house looks like BRU exploded in it anyway, who cares. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, so adorable! I will have Paxton use hooded towels for as long as he lets me- so cute :)


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