Wednesday, March 6, 2013

on motherhood, six months in.

it's still pretty surreal to me that I'm a mom. sometimes I forget that I gave birth to the little sleepy boy who wakes me daily by babbling and touching my face. but then he snorts when he laughs and I am reminded that he is indeed, a part of me. he is such a joy at six months old. he has developed such a funny personality... and his big belly laughs are absolutely infectious.

our days are much more relaxed than they were in the beginning. not many mystery cries and Mama meltdowns to be found in our house these days. that doesn't mean that everyday is smooth like butter though, believe me.

some days we both wake up on the wrong side of our shared bed. those are the days that I feel the pressure. I think most moms feel it at some point - the pressure to make sure you're spending enough time interacting with your child and making sure that his day somewhat follows a schedule. all the while you're also maintaining the house, eating healthy, keeping in shape, reading parenting books, etc... and in my case, pumping breast milk too. it's so hard to stay on top of everything while keeping sane. and on those days? we count down the minutes until Daddy gets home.

other days run like a well oiled machine... where everyone is alive (and happy) at the end of the day AND the house is clean AND there's an extra project finished. those are the days I really have my shit together and feel like SuperMom. those days are so rewarding... especially for my SAHM ego.

Ronin and I are like peas and carrots. we pretty much have each other figured out now. I think it's safe to say we're best buds... well, until he can crawl to the cats... I'm sure I'll be chopped liver when that day arrives. however, you better believe that his face lights up like Vegas when Daddy comes through the door.

it's so cliche to say, but time is flying. I wish I could just hit pause and really take in all those sweet moments with my boy. like when he rests his head on my shoulder as I'm carrying him to the bedroom for naptime. and how he kicks in excitement when he sees his reflection in the bathroom mirror. the way he smiles so big when I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. the squealing laughs he lets out as I tickle the back of his neck or his thighs.

he is incredible, and even six months later, I can't believe he's mine.


  1. Loved reading this, because I seriously have no clue what I'm doing and I need to hear that other mom's, even ones further in, still have melt downs or bad days. Thank you!


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