Thursday, March 14, 2013

round up: birthday wishlist!

there are only 9 days until my birthday! I usually start the count down a few months before now, but then life happened and I forgot I even had a birthday. kids, I tell ya.

I'm a pretty big fan of making wish lists, and the celebration of my birth is no exception. these are just a few things I'm lusting over lately. maybe I'll get lucky and see something on this list in my house in a little over a week.

see also: I am two outings away from throwing my POS Skip Hop Versa out the window. 
4. maxi dress (also target).
I'm big on hiding crap in boxes. it's better if they're cute. 
this is actually for Ronin's room. 
confession? I actually had a LOT more to add to this list, but then I realized that it was all shit for Ronin - cloth diapers, a diaper sprayer, an activity center, etc. 

welcome to my life as a mom.  

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  1. In LOVE with that lampshade! Too bad yellow doesn't fit into my decor anywhere...


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