Monday, February 18, 2013

baby registry must haves [nitty-gritty]

these are items that everyone should have on their registry. yes, every baby is different and blah blah blah, and while brand names may vary for a few (Soothie vs. MAM, etc), this is a pretty universal list in my opinion. I only learned about these baby essentials from other moms, and I'm SO glad I did. 

1. Angel Dear Blankies.
Ronin has two of these (the tiger and the blue hippo) and absolutely LOVES them. he sleeps with one every single night. he mostly cuddles it, but occasionally enjoys chewing on it too.

don't worry, they're completely breathable. I slept with one on my face to be sure. 

2. Vulli Vanilla Teethers.
we have Sophie too (to be reviewed in another post), but these things are golden. they are much easier for little hands to grip. I feel like these feel better on his gums because they're harder than the rubber that Sophie is made of. and? they smell like vanilla!

3. Baby K'Tan Carrier.
when researching carriers, I was pretty overwhelmed by 1, the many different kinds out there, and 2, how the hell to actually wear a baby in them. the Baby K'tan solved all my insecurities. instead of a continuous length of fabric, it's separated into two loops that work to create different positions for baby based on his/her age and comfort ability. very easy to use and (most) babies love to be snug up against mama.

it comes in handy when I'm doing things around the house and when I'm out shopping. Ronin prefers to be carried to his car seat/stroller, so I take it with me everywhere. lugging around a baby in your arms is tiring after a while. it's incredibly comfortable for me too because the double loop design allows for lower back support.

4. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer.
let me preface this by saying that the most accurate way to take a baby's temperature is rectally. however, when your baby is sick and sleeping, you are sure as hell not going to want to wake him up to stick a thermometer up his butt. I've found that, when used correctly, this thermometer is accurate and non-invasive. however, when Ronin is awake and I need to take his temperature, I use a rectal thermometer.

5. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Wraps.
you will hear it from many moms - these blankets are the BEST for swaddling. they are light, soft, and super stretchy to make sure your burrito baby is nice and snug. they're pricey, but worth it. even though we don't swaddle anymore, we still use these daily.

brand new Ronin!

6. Little Tummys Gripe Water.
in the first few sleep deprived days of motherhood, I gave Ronin Gripe Water. he was screaming after meals and with him being so new, I didn't have a clue as to what was wrong, so I assumed it was gas. Gripe Water is a natural remedy for colic and gastrointestinal discomfort, containing ginger and fennel. worked like a charm, every single time. later on, I learned a few tricks to help prevent and treat the gassiness, but I loved having this on hand when I didn't know what the hell was going on.

7. Safety First Nail Clipper.
dudes. clipping baby nails is ridiculous. they're little fingers are so incredibly tiny that if you slip, you will cut their whole finger right off. that probably won't really happen, but trust me when I say that clipping them while they're sleeping is SO much easier than when they're awake. my BFF actually gave me these after I complained for the 3948th time about accidentally clipping Ronin's nails too short. these clippers have a little light built in so that you can see those teeny little talons in the dark.

8. Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifier.
pacifiers are a personal preference for babies, but I liked the Soothie ones because I was trying to avoid nipple confusion. now Ronin will not take any other kind of pacifier (and honestly, he only uses it to fall asleep and then he spits it out), and I'm totally okay with it. sucking is a natural soothing method for babies, and giving baby a pacifier at night also helps to prevent SIDS.

9. Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets.
Ronin started experiencing teething discomfort at around 4.5-5 months. I didn't feel comfortable constantly dosing him with Tylenol, so I ordered these (which came highly recommended from a few moms who also prefer homeopathic remedies) in a 2 pack from Amazon. they dissolve instantly when placed under baby's tongue and help with teething pain. I don't know what it is in them that helps, but they work like Valium, so they make it on the list.

10. Boogie Wipes.
we are currently all getting over the cold from hell... I'm talking about 10+ days of stuffy noses, chest congestion, and SNOT EVERYWHERE. Boogie Wipes are soaked in saline as opposed to alcohol, so while they clean up snotty noses, they also help to loosen any mucous in the nostrils without drying them out. needless to say, we've gone through an entire pack in a weekend. 

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  1. Loved your list and reading...maybe I'll get to use theses things again one day


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